Yeezy-obsessed mobster loses his temper during sentencing

A hotheaded convicted mobster with a fetish for Yeezy-brand accessories lost his cool at his federal sentencing on Thursday, repeatedly accusing a prosecutor of lying in court.

Aleksey Tsvetkov, 41, a leading member of a violent South Brooklyn-based outfit with ties to the Eastern European “Thieves-in-Law” crime syndicate, blamed everyone but himself for his 2018 racketeering conviction before Judge Brian Cogan slapped him with a 16 ½-year prison sentence.

At the hearing, Tsvetkov accused Assistant US Attorney Andrey Spektor of lying to jurors about brokering cooperation deals with fellow mobsters in exchange for lighter sentences.

“There are so many lies,” Tsevtkov shouted at Spektor. “I can’t take these lies anymore!”

Prior to his sentencing, the Ukrainian-born Tsvetkov sent a letter to Cogan stating that his jury had an “anti-Russian bias” — and that the timing of his Nov. 9, 2016, arrest was a “political” move to tie it to Donald Trump winning the White House.

Cogan cited Tsvetkov’s violent history — which includes the machete-point robbery of a gold chain when he was 17 years old — and his inability to control his temper when handing the sentence.

“You have a violent, angry streak that’s been there your whole life,” Cogan said.

Members of Tsvetov’s Thieves-in-Law sect funded a lavish lifestyle with proceeds from illegal gambling and loan-sharking — driving expensive luxury cars and sporting accessories like $1,500 belt buckles and $1,000 Yeezy-brand shoes.

Tsvetkov’s family declined to comment after the hearing.

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