Woman’s second Sugar Daddy date took sinister turn when she refused to have sex

A woman has revealed the dark side of having a Sugar Daddy after being abducted and threatened when she refused to have sex.

Leila was 18 when she signed up to a specialist dating website hoping to match with a rich, older man to wine and dine her, as well as shower her with gifts.

But the experience soon became a nightmare when she was lulled into a false sense of security and left consumed with fear.

The terrifying incident happened on her second date with the Sugar Daddy.

The man picked her up in his car and said they would be going for dinner at a nearby restaurant in Sydney.

But when they drove straight past it, alarm bells began to ring for Leila, who has not revealed her surname.

"We went straight past the restaurant and then I asked what was going on and he locked his doors and he was like 'well you're coming home with me,'" she told Nine's 60 Minutes programme.

When they arrived at his home, he demanded she have sex with him and said 'it's what he expected given the money he was paying her'.

Leila refused and the man took her to the train station.

"Spending his money would make me sick," she added.

Leila didn't report the incident to police or tell her parents out of shame.

She said: "It was just too confronting and embarrassing for me at that time".

She complained to the website she had met the man on – Sugar Daddy Meet – who said he already had nine separate complaints made against him.

He was briefly banned from the site.

Leila added: "If you're not sexually ready to have sex with older men then don't go on the website because you're pretty much putting yourself in that situation."

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