Woman’s horror as home is flooded with POO after toilet exploded sending weeks of sewage flowing out

THIS is the horrifying scene a woman faced after a months' worth of sewage exploded from her toilet – just months after she moved in.

Mikayla Collins, 33, was forced to flee her home as rancid waste water spilled across the floors of her housing association property.

Grim footage shows excrement and wet toilet roll overflowing from the brim of the toilet, while the bathtub is filled with murky brown water.

Mikayla moved into the property in Chelmsford, Essex in December 2020 – but problems began 10 months later.

She's moved into a hotel after the home became uninhabitable.

In a post on Facebook, Mikayla said: "What you can see is toilet water, washing machine water and all kinds of drainage from my upstairs neighbour, as well as the contents of what's been flushed down the toilet.

"Yes, that is human s*** you can see!

"There could be any number of diseases in the air inside and around my flat and it is a public health issue."

She said she doesn't blame her neighbour for the problems, instead blasting Sanctuary Housing.


"I'm shouting about this online now because it's time somebody became accountable and f****** did something about it," she said.

Reps from Sanctuary say they have "sincerely apologised" for the problems.

A deep clean has been arranged so Mikayla can return home.

The housing association has been contacted for further comment.

In December, a family were left stranded inside their home after sewage flooded their garden for 30 hours.

Filthy brown water began seeping into the garden in Cambridgeshire village Bar Hill at 9am on a Saturday morning.

The problem was reported to Anglian Water at 10.30am – and company reps said it would be sorted within 24 hours.

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But workers failed to turn up for more than a day, leaving a mum, dad and three kids trapped in their home with the windows closed.

And a family-of-eight say excrement spews from their toilet every single time they flush.

The three-bed council house in Portsmouth, Hampshire, is also infested by mice, dad Sam Hardy said.

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