Woman with 85 pets won’t sleep until 2am once she’s cleaned house after them

An animal-mad woman with over 80 pets says she refuses to sleep until 2am when she's finished clearing up after her furry friends.

While most people only have a few pets, Zoe Willingham has 85 animals – ranging from cats, dogs, Guinea pigs and rabbits, to tortoises and parrots.

The animal behaviourist, from Suffolk, said she's always been an animal person – having "small furries" from a child and finding comfort in her grandparents' dogs – and has rescued most of her animals, reports East Anglian Daily Times.

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But with enjoying the company of nearly 100 pets clearly comes responsibility – and a hell of a lot of cleaning.

Zoe, owner of Best Behaviour Dog Training, said she often goes to bed in the early hours, 2am, just so she can ensure the house is spick and span for the next day.

“My husband comes home straight from work and helps me with cleaning and feeding," she said. "I often go bed at 2am, but sometimes we have really difficult days where the animals need vet treatment, so my husband and I will stay up all night giving them round-the-clock care.”

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Zoe, who at one time had more than 100 pets wandering her home, worked as a vet nurse before making the move to pet nutrition and later vet pharmaceuticals.

“I had a high-powered corporate role, and although I loved the work, I used my wage to rescue and rehabilitate animals, ranging from Guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits to cats. I mainly had cats until I could have my own dogs,” she explained.

“I tried to find trainers in the area, but it was hard as so many were using punitive training methods, [I thought] I should become a trainer myself.”

Zoe qualified as an animal behaviourist and set up her company and accumulated more furry friends.

She said: “At the moment, I have 85 pets. These range from cats, dogs, Guinea pigs and rabbits, to tortoises and parrots. Their ages range from 12 weeks old to 15 years, and they’re mostly rescues.”

“One standout case is my German Shepherd, Shadow, who was abused as a younger dog," said Zoe. "I took her on at two years old, and when I got her, she was matted, weighed 14kg, and not in a good state.

“I took her on with a view to rehome her and I ended up getting so attached to her. We became the best of friends through all of the work we did, and she ended up staying with me.”

Zoe is known around her neighbourhood for being a "petting zoo" and people have even dubbed her mission "Zoe's Ark".

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