Woman kept special needs sister locked in cage in snake-ridden house of horrors

A twisted woman was sent to jail after keeping her special needs sister locked inside a homemade cage in her snake-infested house.

Leona Biser, 52, built the sick contraption to entrap older sister Loretta Lancaster, 54, MailOnline reports.

Family members say Lancaster has the mental capacity of an infant.

The wooden cage contained a dirty mattress and the home was a "house of horrors" full of faeces, snakes and insects, prosecutors said.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro revealed the house also had no bathroom or running water.

He said: "What Leona Biser did to her sister is unforgivable, but today's plea is a step towards justice.

"Anyone found neglecting or abusing another human being in Pennsylvania will be charged and prosecuted for those crimes.”

Lancaster was removed from the house in 2020 and now receives speech therapy and other support from medical professionals.

Adult Protective Services were horrified by the discoveries they made when they first saw the house in 2019.

They called the police, who found Loretta crouched over in the homemade wooden cage with her nephew.

The innocent 54-year-old still had to spend three more months there before she was taken away, with the Attorney General's office becoming involved after that.

Loretta is unable to use the bathroom by herself and needs constant care and attention.

The pair's mother died in 2018, which worsened the sisters' situation.

When police asked Biser about her sister's living conditions, she told them she kept her in the cage enclosure "due to her constantly falling, and that in doing so prevented her from getting injured", according to a police complaint.

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