Woman confronts ‘pig’ after spotting him taking pics of her bum at the gym

A brave woman who spotted a "creep" taking pictures of her bum in the gym confronted the man and made him delete the snaps on the spot.

Janelle Rodriguez, 29, took to TikTok to expose a man she described as a "pig" who had been taking sneaky images of her as she worked out.

The New Jersey-based woman, from the US, said she was told by another gym-doer that an individual had been taking pictures of her unknowingly.

Furious Rodriguez marched up to the man while filming a video and asked him to show her the last picture on his phone.

The man, who denied taking the snap, denied and Rodriguez then threatened to call the manager to check the gym’s security footage.

In the clip, she said: "I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it because that’s really disrespectful if you did."

Rodriguez eventually pressures the man into showing her the last picture on his phone, which turned out to be close-ups of her bottom.

Upon seeing the images, the 29-year-old becomes angry, to which the man tells her to "relax."

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She then firmly tells the man to delete the picture on his phone right away because she doesn’t want her body on the phone.

Rodriguez shouts: "I see it right there, so you’re lying. Delete it right now before I make a f***ing scene.

"I don’t want my body on your phone. This isn’t your body. F***ing piece of s***."

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The man finally deletes the image and apologises but not before the smart woman orders him to go to his deleted folder and empty it.

Rodriguez said Planet Fitness staff had "no clue what to do" and nobody came over to help despite making a scene in the gym.

She told her followers that the man's membership was eventually revoked, although this has not been confirmed by the gym.

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