Woman buried puppy alive in bin bag because she couldn’t afford medical bills

A woman who dumped her Pomeranian puppy in a bin bag before burying it alive has been slapped with a lifetime ban on keeping all animals.

Inga Ozola, of Leyland, Preston, left Spencer alone to "suffer and die" after she abandoned him because she couldn't afford his medical treatment.

A couple miraculously found the petrified pooch, who had been buried with two broken legs and nerve damage from two separate incidents.

Ozola, 45, was initially found guilty of two animal welfare charges at Preston Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced in September.

On Friday (March 4), a judge dismissed Ozola's appeal against conviction, ordered her to pay a total of £4,000 and increased her original 18-month ban on keeping animals to a lifetime one.

The couple said their dogs sniffed out Spencer, who was found wrapped in bin liner in a remote location near Worden Park on April 27, 2019. They took him home and their neighbour alerted the RSPCA.

Inspectors Alison Fletcher and Susie Micalleff said Spencer was "extremely lucky" to have been found due to the secluded area that he was buried at.

The pooch was rushed to the RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in Salford for emergency treatment but it was sadly decided to put an end to his suffering two days later.

Inspector Fletcher said she visited the Vets4Pets surgery in Leyland where she was told that the owner of a puppy that mirrored Spencer had informed the practice that he had been re-homed.

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It was later confirmed that Spencer was the seven-week-old puppy.

The inspectors managed to find Ozola who told them that she had bred a litter of Pomeranians and Spencer had injured his leg during the first incident whilst playing with the other dogs.

Ozola took the pooch to Vets4Pets in early April and an x-ray revealed he had a fracture of the right tibia.

On April 23, she returned with Spencer for a follow-up examination and an additional x-ray showed that the fracture had been displaced.

Ozola was given three options such as surgical repair for £2,000, amputation of the limb, or euthanasia.

The owner took Spencer home to consider her options and applied for financial assistance to help with costs but was later found ineligible.

CCTV footage of Ozola shows her walking with a backpack on towards the area where Spencer was buried on the same day that she had supposedly given him away.

According to the vet report, the time Spencer sustained a fracture on April 8, Ozola had acted in a reasonable manner and taken him for veterinary treatment.

But Spencer then endured a second fracture of the right forelimb and there is no evidence to indicate that care was provided for this additional injury.

Fletcher added: “This was a tragic case in which a young puppy suffered, by not receiving the vet treatment he needed for his injuries and then by being subjected to being buried alive."

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