Woman ‘attacked by vicious magpie’ as she rode bike now too scared to leave home

A woman who was savagely attacked by a magpie as she cycled is now too 'petrified' to leave her home.

The black-and-white bird violently swooped down on Debbie Galbraith when she was out riding her bike on the Australian Gold Coast.

The Queensland resident spent almost two weeks in hospital and even had to undergo surgery after the ordeal on August 27.

The ferocious Australian magpie locked on the cyclist and sent her veering into the curb, and she broke several ribs.

Spinning out of control and coming off her vehicle, Ms Galbraith landed on her chest and torso and was rushed to hospital.

Her injuries included seven broken ribs, leading to six plates being inserted to realign them, as well as bleeding on the lungs. She has been dependent on heavy pain medication to move comfortably.

Since the attack she has spoken of her fear of leaving the house, telling the Daily Mail: "We have a lot of magpies around. My neighbour told me the other day her and her dog were swooping, so I'm very wary now."

"I'm not some dumb old tart who doesn't know how to ride a bike and hates birds"

"I just wanted to warn people about magpie season and tell them to be cautious because they really can do a lot of damage and they are vicious"

Ms Galbraith said that she has only left the house twice in the last month because of how many magpies live on her street, with both being trips to see her doctor.

Following her speaking out publicly, mystery has surrounded the death of a bird in the local area.

It's believed that it could have been a 'revenge' attack or another resident fighting back against the swooping creatures.

A similar act of retribution was reported last month in response to the tragic death of a five-month-old baby, who was dropped by her mother in Gildemann park in Brisbane during an assault by a magpie.

After the shocking incident, some residents began to leave poison traps in a nearby park to kill the nuisance birds.

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