Wisc. Doctor and Husband Allegedly Killed by 2 Teens: ‘They Both Gave So Much’

Now, as friends and family mourn the loving couple, authorities have pledged to help seek justice.

“It was calculated, coldblooded, and senseless,” Wisconsin Police Chief Kristen Roman told reporters. “We will continue to do all we can to bring justice to Robin and Beth, their family, and their loved ones.”

Larrue's lawyer, Michael Covey, tells PEOPLE, “Ali'Jah Larue did not have any kind of knowledge, in any way, shape or form, that there was going to be a shooting or a homicide. He was absolutely in the vicinity of the shooting when it occurred, but by that time he was not in control of what was going on.”

Sanford’s attorney Andrew Martinez, says, “The fact that the state charged a person with a crime or that a judge bound the case over for trial following a preliminary hearing doesn't mean that the case won't later be dismissed or that the defendant won't be acquitted at trial.

"I urge everyone to keep an open mind about the case.”

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