Where can I buy a poppy near me for Remembrance Day?

EVERY year million of Brits don a red poppy on their clothes to support The Royal British Legion.

But where can you buy one and how much should you donate? Here's all you need to know…

Where can I buy a poppy? 

The charity is urging people to buy a poppy from a collector or donate online.

You can purchase poppies to wear on Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday from the RBL's official website, as well as corporate partners and through their Amazon and eBay accounts.

There are appeal boxes across the country and 40,000 collectors will be working to raise cash for a good cause.

Poppies are also in 12,000 stores, including Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, and Sainsbury's

Donate online at rbl.org.uk/poppyappeal or buy poppies in the post to sell
to friends and neighbours

How much should I donate? 

The Royal British Legion — the charity which helps the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force veterans and their families — is trying to raise £43million from its annual poppy appeal in 2021.

​​You are encouraged to donate as much as you can to support the Legion.

Every little helps, and all contributions are welcome – so only give as much as you want, or can afford.

But to avoid any confusion or embarrassment, here is the British Legion's guide to the suggested donations for the different types of poppies on offer:

  • Paper Poppy – £1.00
  • Silk Poppy – £3.00
  • Altar Poppy – £0.50
  • Poppy Bracelet – £2.00
  • Car Poppy – £5.00
  • Lorry Poppy – £10.00
  • Magnetic Car poppy – £5.00
  • Magnetic Lorry Poppy – £10.00
  • Poppy Reflector – £1.00
  • Wrist Bands – £2.00
  • Wooden Crosses – £2.50

In 2020 Covid cost the organisation £20million in lost donations as street collections stopped.

But in 2021 poppy sellers have been back out in force.

And they said donations are above what they anticipated.

Many of the 40,000 poppy sellers now carry bank card readers.

The Royal British Legion spends £60million a year helping 100,000 ex-servicemen and women and their families.

Generous Sun readers got the 2021 poppy appeal off to a flying start thanks to our appeal, backed by Boris Johnson.

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