What time is Alfred Bourgeois's execution today?

THE US government is rushing to put inmates – including Alfred Bourgeois – to death before President Donald Trump leaves office.

Bourgeois’s lawyers had argued in court papers that he couldn't legally be given a lethal injection as they claimed he was intellectually disabled.

What time is Alfred Bourgeois's execution?

One day after carrying out its ninth federal execution of the year, the US Department of Justice will also put murderer Alfred Bourgeois to death.

The former truck driver, 56, will die today, Friday December 11, after spending the past 17 years on death row in a federal prison.

The Death Penalty Information Center doesn't say when exactly the convicted killer will be given a lethal injection.

It's not clear whether his death will occur around the same time as Brandon Bernard's execution on Thursday, December 10.

Witnesses looked on from behind a glass barrier separating them from a pale-green death chamber, as the 40-year-old Bernard was pronounced dead at 9.27pm Eastern time at a penitentiary in the city of Terre Haute.

Alfred Bourgeois got three weeks’ notice for his execution date, according to the Texas Tribune, after Attorney General William Barr resumed the death penalty in 2019 and scheduled executions for the first time since 2003.

The monster dad physically and emotionally tortured, sexually molested, and then beat to death his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, explains the DoJ.

On March 16, 2004, a jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas found Bourgeois guilty of multiple offenses, including murder, and he was sentenced to death.

Bourgeois’ execution was initially scheduled to occur on January 13, 2020.

Where is his execution due to take place?

Bourgeois, from Louisiana, will be executed at the Federal Correction Complex Terre Haute in Indiana.

According to horrific legal papers, given to the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, he "systematically abused and tortured his two-year-old daughter in several ways.  

"For example, Bourgeois became fixated on her toilet training."

The toddler's training potty became her "primary seat during the day, and Bourgeois even forced her to sleep on it when they were traveling at night".

When she had 'accidents,' Bourgeois would strike her, the papers add.

He punched her in the face with enough force to give her black eyes.

The evil dad also "whipped her with an electrical cord, and he beat her with a belt so hard that it broke.

"Bourgeois hit [the girl] in the head with a plastic baseball bat so many times that her head 'was swollen like a football'.

"Later, when he was in jail, Bourgeois laughed to a fellow inmate that '[t]hat f***ing baby's head got as big as a watermelon'," the court documents add.

How will Alfred Bourgeois be executed?

Alfred Bourgeois will be put to death by lethal injection at the Federal Correction Complex Terre Haute in Indiana.

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