'We are led by buffoons – they couldn't secure single runway': Tucker

‘We are led by buffoons – they couldn’t even secure a single runway’: Tucker Carlson attacks Biden’s defense that US withdrawal was necessary saying he did it in the ‘ugliest possible way’

  • Biden said if Afghan forces couldn’t maintain order now they never could have 
  • Carlson said this didn’t excuse Biden’s failure to ‘ignore the details’ of the retreat
  • There was chaos at Kabul airport on Monday as desperate Afghans tried to flee
  • At least eight Afghans died, including two armed men shot by US soldiers 

Tucker Carlson has attacked Joe Biden’s defense that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was necessary by saying that he did it in the ‘ugliest possible way.’

‘They couldn’t even secure a single runway,’ he said on Fox last night. ‘And that’s the main lesson of the fall of Kabul. We are led by buffoons. They have no idea what they’re doing, we know that now. They’re imposters.’  

There was chaos at Kabul airport on Monday as Afghans in their utter despair clambered onto USAF jets as they took off, with videos showing stowaways plunging through the sky to their deaths. 

At least two armed men were shot dead by US forces who were scrambled back to Afghanistan to help evacuate thousands of American and allied citizens still in the country.  

‘They couldn’t even secure a single runway,’ Tucker Carlson said on Fox . ‘And that’s the main lesson of the fall of Kabul. We are led by buffoons. They have no idea what they’re doing, we know that now. They’re imposters.’

US soldiers take up their positions as they secure the airport in Kabul on August 16, 2021

Three stowaways are believed to have plunged to their deaths, with footage showing bodies falling from the underside of a hulking USAF transport jet as it climbed into the skies over the fallen city on Monday

President Biden last night defended the withdrawal, saying that ‘if Afghanistan is unable to mount any real resistance to the Taliban now,’ then it wouldn’t be able to if the troops withdrew in ‘one more year, five more years or 20 more years.’

While Carlson did not completely refute that, he argued: ‘Just because something is necessary doesn’t mean you get to ignore the details of it. 

‘If you learned you needed an emergency appendectomy, would it matter to you who performed the operation – a surgeon with a scalpel or a drunk guy with a pocket knife?

‘Yes, it would matter to you. But it didn’t matter to Joe Biden, apparently. He barely mentioned the withdrawal,’ he added. ‘Biden did the necessary thing in the ugliest possible way.’

The host referred to the ‘final humiliating scene’ of desperate Afghans running after a USAF C-17 transport jet, with some in their utter despair clinging to the fuselage as it took off.

At least three stowaways died on Monday, their bodies shown in harrowing footage tumbling towards the ground from an American transport aircraft.

Carlson said that this failure to organise an ‘orderly retreat’ was an embarrassment to the nation. 

The Fox host said that Biden had turned his back on US citizens by failing to secure the airport and allowing the security situation in Kabul to deteriorate so rapidly. 

He likened it to the migration crisis at the Mexican border which has grown into a humanitarian disaster since Biden took office.

President Joe Biden defended leaving Afghanistan during remarks at the White House Monday, saying he had learned there was never a good time to withdraw U.S. forces

As soon as he finished his address to the nation, Biden got on Marine One and headed back to Camp David 

‘So our government’s official position is that American lives are not more valuable than the lives of foreigners,’ he said. ‘But you already knew that because you’ve seen our southern border.’

He went on to add that Afghan refugees would soon start pitching up in the States. 

‘First we invade and then we’re invaded,’ he said. ‘It is always the same.’ 

‘Why did the Taliban win? How did the sixth-century triumph over the 21st century?’ Carlson asked. ‘Maybe it’s possible we failed in Afghanistan because the entire neo-liberal program is grotesque. It’s a joke.’    

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