Video footage of savage brawl between two women in bikinis goes viral

Police are investigating a shocking video which shows two teenage girls brawling in a park while a group of men were egging them on.

The footage shows a girl wearing a black bikini standing over and shouting at three other young women who were sunbathing in a park in Sydney, Australia, on Friday.

The teenager dressed in black then begins punching one of the girls and pulling her hair.

As the violence unfolded, a group of men can be heard encouraging the two girls to hit each other.

The attacker can then be seen dragging one of the women over the grass, losing her bikini top in the process as the victim's friends try to pull her away.

The attack lasted for nearly a minute and cumulated with the girl in the black bikini launching a final kick at the victim's head.

A New South Wales Police spokesperson said officers were called to the park at around 2.10pm on Friday afternoon following reports that "a teenage girl had assaulted two other girls".

They said: "The group dispersed before police arrived. Officers from Eastern Beaches Police Area Command are conducting inquiries."

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The footage was taken by a concerned parent who watched the horror unfold.

"She can't be let to get away with this thinking she can just attack people and not have any consequence, and the young blokes egging her on should also be tracked down and charged with inciting the violence," the dad told local media.

It is not clear what provoked the attack.

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In a similar case closer to home, a grim video shows two schoolgirls get jumped on and brutally attacked, with one of them suffering whiplash when she was dragged by her hair.

In the clip, recorded at a playing field near Hull on Wednesday (August 25) a girl is lying on the grass trying to defend herself while another teen sits on top of her and hits her multiple times.

She is then dragged backwards by her hair while still being hit with a barrage of punches to the head.

Meanwhile, other cowardly teens watch the attack unbothered and film it on their phones.

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The 14-year-old girl and her friend were targeted in St Thomas More Playing Fields in Anlaby, a village about four miles west of Hull.

A mum of the victim said she was "mortified" to watch the footage and could not believe that this was happening to children in the area.

"I am so angry and upset at it," she said.

"This is not the first time something like this has happened around here."

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