Uyghurs forced to sit on excruciating ‘tiger chair’ in Chinese torture camps

Buying a six-pack of beer can get you tortured on China's infamous Tiger Chair, a new book claims.

AI cameras can reportedly now send anyone deemed "untrustworthy" for re-education as Beijing achieves a real-life Minority Report.

A torture survivor described the "excruciating pain" as your knees are bent backwards on the chair which is allegedly used to torture detainees in Chinese labour and "re-education" camps.

The Uyghur Muslim and top Beijing university graduate and is among 168 interviewees in newly published book The Perfect Police State by Geoffrey Cain.

Her account of being tortured into submission is among those of "hellish life" outside the re-education camps in Xinjiang region in north-west China.

Its 1.1 million minority Uyghur Muslim population calls their inhumane treatment there "The Situation".

An extract from the book reads: "It is the largest internment of ethnic minorities since the Holocaust.

"Even for those who don’t end up in a camp, daily life there is hellish.

"If you drive to the petrol station or the grocery store to grab something for dinner, at each place you are required to scan your ID card at the entrance, in front of armed guards.

"A person who receives the notification ‘untrustworthy’ is denied entry and, after a quick check of records, may face further problems. Maybe the facial recognition cameras caught him praying in a mosque.

"Or the cameras recorded him buying a six-pack of beer and the artificial intelligence (AI) system suspects he has an alcohol problem."

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The author wrote his book after three years' of interviews and travelling in Xinjiang.

Describing its "predictive policing programme", AI determines whether a person could commit a crime in the future and recommends sending them to a camp.

"After eating dinner and watching the evening news, in front of a government camera installed in the living room, you lie down in bed with your government minder," it added.

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"He has the power to do whatever he wants here in bed because he was sent by the state. If you resist his advances, he will invent an allegation and report you, and you will be sent to the camps."

The Uyghur Muslim student, named Maysem, described in it the day she was taken away for re-education in September 2016 when freedom for Muslim protests were being called terror acts.

Maysem had returned from studying social sciences in Turkey wearing a veil.

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She said armed policemen escorted her to a camp with cameras in every room and covered in signs saying good citizens back the ruling Chinese Community Party.

A "well-dressed" woman donning jewelry was also taken in shouting: "Do you know who I am? My husband works for the vice-governor!"

She was taken to a detention centre after being singled out to clean the classroom and answering she wasn't a cleaner.

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In the middle of a walled compound stood the wooden Tiger Chair with iron and leather straps China has assured the UN is actually no more than a comfy chair.

After being called a "slut" and "whore" by guards, the extract reads: "The guards picked Maysem up and dragged her to the chair. It forced her back upright, with her legs stretched along a bench at an excruciating, raised angle.

"Cuffs were fitted around her forearms and shins. ‘The discomfort was extreme. We had all heard of the tiger chair. That’s how they make an example of you, torturing you by contorting your body,’ she told me.

"Other prisoners gathered round to watch. ‘They were like patients who’d recovered from the head trauma of a car crash and lost their personalities,’ she said.

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"‘They didn’t seem able to think, ask questions, show emotion or speak. They just watched me with an empty stare, and then they were herded away back into the building.’"

The account added that she was then ordered to stand still under the blistering August sun with her arms raised for hours, threatened with a baton beating if she lowered them.

China denies all allegations of human rights abuses against the Uyghurs, claiming the camps are used to combat Islamic militancy.

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