US Senator says ‘zero chance’ of China taking ‘responsibility’ for Covid in brutal attack

China: 'Zero' chance country will admit responsibility says expert

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Speaking to Fox News, US Republican Senator for Arkansas Tom Cotton claimed there was “zero chance” of China taking “responsibility” for the pandemic. He went on to demand the world “hold China to account” for “releasing” coronavirus onto the world – after reports a lab leak from Wuhan was possible – despite no proof.

Senator Cotton said: “China’s chances of ever conceding they are responsible for this virus is zero.

“Just use your common sense, this virus emerged in a city larger than New York just a few blocks down the road from the lab where they research these viruses.”

The senator claimed: “Every bit of evidence we have points to those labs.

“And it is past time to hold China accountable for their negligence and their deceitfulness in unleashing this plague on the world.”

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He went on to speculate on what action the US could take against China to make them “pay”.

Mr Cotton suggested: “We could revoke their permanent, most favourite nation status.

“A bad mistake we made 20-years-ago.

“We could team up with our allies and take back the very favourable financing terms they get from international financial institutions like the World Bank.”

China: 'No evidence of coronavirus lab leak' says Wenbin

The Senators attack comes as former President Donald Trump furiously demanded China pays “ten trillion” dollars in reparations to the world for the “damage” caused by Covid.

Speaking at a republican rally in North Carolina on Saturday, Mr Trump said: “The time has come for America and the world to demand reparations and accountability from the Communist Party of China.

“All nations should work together to present China a bill for a minimum of ten trillion dollars to compensate for the damage they’ve caused!”



It comes as in recent weeks theories of the origin of covid have begun to gain traction in light of a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) into coronavirus in China which many deemed was a “whitewash” by the Chinese government.

Investigators from the WHO were heavily monitored, escorted and even banned from entering certain facilities during the trip.

But speaking on Thursday, Sir Richard Dearlove, who was in charge of MI6 between 1999 and 2004 suggested how evidence of any lab leak that could be the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic will “likely” have been “destroyed by Chinese officials”.

Sir Richard told the Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast: “We don’t know that’s what’s happened but a lot of data has probably been destroyed or made to disappear so it’s going to be difficult to prove definitely the case for a ‘gain of function chimera’ being the cause of the pandemic.”

There is no evidence that China is responsible for the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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