UK snow: 15cm of snow to bury Brits as UK faces major ice warnings and ‘thundersnow’

Met Office weather: UK set for wintry showers

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The Met Office has issued two snow and ice warnings until 11am and 12pm today. One yellow weather warning, which stretches from Staffordshire to the Outer Hebrides, could see snowfall of up to 15cm in places.

The second warning covers the western half of Northern Ireland.

The UK’s national weather service claimed falling snow may cause “some temporary slushy accumulations which then may freeze and cause dangerous, icy patches where skies remain clear for long enough”.

They added: “Winds will be gusty around heavier showers and there is also a small chance of lightning strikes from isolated thunderstorms.”

Alyssa Smithmyer, a meteorologist at forecasting website Accuweather, told travellers should take caution when driving in the wintry conditions and suggested Brits should wrap up in warm clothing.

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She said: “AccuWeather forecasters warn motorists to take caution when travelling in these winter weather situations.

“It is recommended to leave a safe following distance between vehicles, ensure your fuel tank is at least halfway full, and take your time while travelling.

“With chilly temperatures and snow showers across parts of the UK and Ireland, anyone who is travelling on foot or by bicycle should bundle up and try not to leave much skin exposed to the cold air and breezy conditions.

“Hats, gloves, coats, and even boots are highly recommended.”

Ms Smithmyer said additional snowfall on Friday is expected to range between 3 to 8cm and claimed parts of north-central Scotland could see daytime temperatures dip to as low as -6C.

The meteorologist claimed conditions would not be severe enough to be classified as a blizzard but did suggest thundersnow remained possible.

She said: “It is expected to be fairly breezy for most on Friday, with some coastal locations across the western UK expected to have periods of moderately gusty winds.

“Blizzard conditions are not anticipated based on the current wind gust forecast, however, some blowing snow showers is possible for a brief period.

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“The level of winds that qualifies as blizzard-like is not expected where there will be snowfall occurring.

“However, the risk for thundersnow cannot be ruled out.”

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