UK ‘Ken Doll’ breaks arm trying to ride cows in £1k suit after boozy races trip

The self-proclaimed "Ken Doll" of the UK ended his boozy night at the races with a broken arm after trying to ride a cow.

Jimmy Featherstone, the "Ken Doll" of the UK, had quite the rough night as he celebrated Ladies Day in Beverley – fracturing his arm while trying to ride a cow and spending £1,000.

Sporting a brand-new suit worth a cool grand and heading for drinks further into the night, Jimmy said that after an encounter with some local cows, he ended up in the hospital.

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The Hull resident took to Instagram to complain of his encounter and warned others against riding cows.

He posted a photo of himself to social media, showing himself in a hospital bed with the caption: "Don't try riding [cows] on the Westwood… fractured arm."

Despite the fractured arm, Jimmy took the time to compare this year's Ladies Day event in East Riding of Yorkshire to that of last year.

The UK's very own Ken Doll showed off another expensive suit that was covered head to toe in mud, with the £1,000 suit for this year's event receiving a little less damage.

Jimmy spoke to HullLive about his new attire and attending Ladies Day.

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He said: "I bought this back in Harrogate with the shoes from Parliament Street. It took me about three hours this morning [to get ready].

"That is with my hair and my tan and everything else you know? I think there is so much pressure on everybody to look good, you want to look good."

The self-labelled "local celebrity" had previously revealed he had spent over £10,000 on various fillers to mark significant changes to his physical appearance.

Jimmy, a self-confessed cosmetic surgery and tanning addict, had spent a month in prison at the end of last year for failing to comply with orders relating to previous offences, including harassment.

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