Uber Eats driver crashes into woman's car TWICE, offers her £40 compo

EXCLUSIVE: Uninsured Uber Eats delivery driver crashes into young mum’s £18,000 Audi Q3 TWICE, causing £600 of damage – then offers her £40 to repair it

  • Bethany Matheson, 30, from Coventry, ordered a takeaway on the Uber Eats app 
  • The delivery driver who dropped off her food order then reversed into her car
  • He pranged the vehicle again while driving off hoping Bethany wouldn’t notice 
  • But the smash was caught on a security camera owned by Bethany’s neighbour 
  • The driver returned to Bethany’s address and offered her cash in compensation  

An Uber Eats delivery driver crashed into young mum’s £18,000 Audi Q3 twice, causing £600 of damage – and then offered her £40 to repair it.

Bethany Matheson had just received her takeaway from the Uber courier when she heard two huge crashes outside and saw her new Audi Q3 had been hit twice by the hapless driver.

He then tried to drive off, but changed his mind when he realised he’d been spotted, and returned to offer £40 for the damage.

When admin assistant Bethany, 30, refused and demanded his insurance details, she soon realised he wasn’t insured and called the police, who found the car was not taxed either and seized it to be scrapped. 

Bethany Matheson (pictured), 30, from Coventry, ordered some food on the Uber Eats app

Bethany was upset when the Uber Eats driver first reversed into her Audi Q3 worth £18,000 then pranged it again as he attempted to drive off before she was aware of the accident

Mother-of-one Bethany contacted Uber to complain, heard nothing back from the company for three days – then was offered even less than the driver had in the shape of a paltry £20 refund for her food order.

After pointing out the scale of the damage to her £18,000 Audi Q3, she was outraged at the £65 billion company’s astonishingly blasé response. They told her: ‘We appreciate you are looking for compensation however we would never want to minimise an experience like you describe by putting an arbitrary monetary value on the situation.

‘In this way, we really prefer to action feedback like this as opposed to trying to put a value on your experience. Thank you for your understanding.’

Bethany said that the driver then returned when he realised that he had been spotted

‘I couldn’t believe their arrogance,’ Bethany told ‘MailOnline ‘It wasn’t as if I’d discovered a hair in my food and was claiming for distress or something – my car has been damaged by a driver they have allowed to go out with no insurance in an illegal car.’

When mother-of-one Bethany from Coventry posted photos of her experience on Facebook, her friends and followers were equally angry on her behalf.

‘They are putting the public at risk,’ fumed Shauna O’Regan, ‘This could have been a child or adult he hit – lucky it was just a car. Are the police not pressing charges for criminal damage?’

Natalie Jade wrote: ‘People need answers on why they would be employing delivery drivers with no insurance and tax. An apology would be a good start, following on to what is going to be done about this??’

Bethany said she and her next-door neighbour Emma Bowen had spent much of the sunny Bank Holiday in their back gardens and getting peckish, ordered some food and soft drinks on Uber Eats.

In the video, which was recorded on Emma’s security camera, two distinct crashes can be heard as Bethany passes Emma’s part of the order over the back fence and texts her to let her know.  

Then the Uber driver’s small car can be seen emerging and driving onto a small grassy area where children play in the residential cul-de-sac.

Discovering he cannot leave by that route, he returns, just as Bethany receives a text back from Emma wondering what the crash was.

Said Bethany: ‘At that point I decided to have a look outside and went out of the back gate. The driver was just going past when I got out into the road and saw the damage to my car.

‘He’s scraped the wing and destroyed a panel at the front. The car was a 30th birthday present from my partner and I’m having driving lessons, so it’s been sitting there unused and now it’s a wreck before I’ve even driven it!

‘It was clear to me that he’d decided to make a run for it, but changed his mind when he saw me. He came back a few minutes later and rang the doorbell. He was quite aggressive, offering me two £20 notes and saying that would cover the damage.

‘My partner came out and it was obvious that £40 wouldn’t be anywhere near enough, so we both kept asking him to give us his insurance details, but he just kept shouting and waving his notes, so my partner called the police.’

The moment that the Uber Eats crashed into Bethany’s car was caught on a neighbour’s CCTV

She estimates that £600 worth of damage was caused to her car, which is only four years old

Despite the damage caused to the front of her car, the driver offered her only £40 to repair it

The man was stopped a short distance away, and Bethany said police later told her he had neither insurance nor tax, and that the car belonged to the driver’s father.

‘When I sent a complaint to Uber on the app, I heard nothing back for three days, but I then let my friends know about it on Facebook and they were flabbergatsted. We then sent it to Uber’s Facebook page and that seemed to get their attention.

‘But the best they could do was offer to refund our £20 food bill – I couldn’t believe the way they just tried to wash their hands of it when I pointed out the damage to my car.

‘How on earth was this man allowed out working for them with no insurance or tax? It could so easily have been a child he hit if he’s so incapable of driving a car.’

A spokesman for West Midlands Police confirmed that a car was seized and a man was reported for having no insurance

Uber Eats did not respond when asked whether the company would pay Bethany’s repair bill, saying in a statement: ‘Uber Eats takes this matter very seriously. We use technology and robust audits to verify the type of vehicle being used and to confirm that all couriers hold the legally required insurance. Any courier who does not meet the relevant legal requirements will lose access to the app.’

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