Two Breckenridge liquor store cashiers sentenced for selling alcohol to driver who killed two

Two Breckenridge liquor store cashiers were sentenced by a court for providing alcohol to a person who drove while intoxicated and killed two people, the 5th Judicial District announced Dec. 25.

The cashiers, Cody Moral, 26, and Avran Lefeber, 38, sold beer and tequila to Lindsey Ward in August 2019, at the Breckenridge Market & Liquor Store, according to a news release. They were sentenced for providing alcohol to someone visibly intoxicated, a misdemeanor.

“Although Ms. Ward did not consume the alcohol she bought from Moral and Lefeber, they knew she didn’t appear normal and had a duty to not sell to her at that time,” said Stephanie Cava, deputy district attorney, in the release.

The men were sentenced to paying $800 in court costs and fines, and they are required to take a training class. They also were ordered to write an apology letter to the victims’ families.

Ward admitted to drinking the day of the crash at Breckenridge Golf Course and was seen mixing drinks up to an hour before driving, according to the district attorney’s office. She then went to the liquor store to purchase more alcohol, and after leaving, crashed head-on into another vehicle as she was heading toward Blue River, killing Benjamin Mitton, 41, and Nichole Gough, 43.

When she checked out at the liquor store, the two men thought she looked tired, the district attorney’s office said. The two offered her a ride home, but she refused. Blood draws after she received medical treatment showed her blood alcohol level at three times the legal limit.

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