Twisted cannibal family gouge out six-year-old girl’s eye in black magic ritual

A sick family in Indonesia allegedly gouged a six-year-old girl's eye out while performing a depraved black magic cannibal ritual – in the hopes that it would make them rich.

Authorities in the Asian country rescued the terrified child from her evil relatives after her younger brother, aged just 22 months, reportedly died after being forced to drink two litres of saltwater as part of another twisted ritual.

The young girl's parents, grandfather and uncle allegedly attempted to gouge out her eye as part of a ritualistic sacrifice they believed would bring them wealth, reports Kompas.

The child, identified only by her initials AP, has now undergone an operation and is being treated for major damage to her right eye.

After her brother's funeral took place on 1 September, relatives and officers who were concerned visited the family's home in Gowa, where they heard the girl screaming.

Now, a shocking video clip from before the rescue has reportedly emerged, which shows AP's mother pushing her thumb deep into her eye socket as her dad, grandfather and uncle held her down.

It has since came to light that the family have reportedly carried out other rituals which include elements of cannibalism, with the mother allegedly eating her daughter's flesh in one.

Bayu, one of the girl's uncles who reported the horrific crimes, told reporters: "They have been doing this black magic practice for a long time.

"(AP’s) eyelid was even eaten by her mother, and this I gathered myself when I asked the mother as we raided the ritual."

AP's grandfather and uncle are both now in police custody awaiting charges.

Her parents are set to undergo psychiatric evaluation as they claimed to have been influenced by malevolent spirits.

Boby Rachman, head of the Gowa Police Criminal Investigation Unit, said: "From the results of the examination of a number of witnesses, it is true that the parents of the victims practiced black magic or some kind of pesugihan and this influenced their minds so that they committed violence against their own children."

All four face at least 10 years in jail for child abuse, but may face a longer sentence if they are found guilty of the 22-month-old boy's death.

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