TV reporter whose cancer was spotted by viewer says she’s ’90 percent back to normal’

A Florida news reporter who credits an eagle-eye viewer for spotting what turned out to be thyroid cancer says she’s now “90 percent back to normal” after treatment.

Victoria Price, who works for WFLA News Channel 8 in Tampa, Florida, said Tuesday that she initially didn’t think much of the life-saving email about the concerning lump on her neck during an on-air segment.

“I was totally going to dismiss it. I was like, ‘I don’t see anything,’ ” she told the “TODAY” show.

But her boyfriend advised her to heed the viewer’s advice and go see a doctor, saying “the worst that’s happens is that it’s nothing.”

“I’m glad that I listened to him because that set the process into motion,” she said.

Doctors told Price that she had a nodule that was forcing her thyroid glands out to the side of her neck.

“Those glands had developed cancer and that had spread into my lymph nodes,” she said.

“So once it was pointed out to me, I could see it, but up until then I really hadn’t noticed. I think it was a gradual change over time, and those are really hard to notice on yourself.”

Price has since undergone an operation to remove the cancerous lump and said she’s feeling “now 90 percent back to normal.”

“The love and support has been the most phenomenal thing I’ve experienced in my entire life,” she said. It’s really helped to power me through this, keep a really positive attitude.”

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