Tucker Carlson taunts CNN saying Fox will be around for a long time

Tucker Carlson reveals that CNN is trying to force Fox News OFF the air by pressuring cable carriers to drop it because they say the network ‘is irresponsible and dangerous for failing to call MAGA mob an insurrection’

  • Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed during his Friday night show that CNN had allegedly made attempts to take the network of the air
  • An enraged Carlson taunted CNN by stating that Fox would be around for a ‘long, long time’ with ‘enemies like this’
  • He targeted CNN host Brianna Keilar after she tweeted that Carlson is ‘a liar’ and said he should have called out the ‘insurrection’ from Trump supporters
  • Carlson also responded to an article from CNN’s Oliver Darcy in which he questioned why cable carriers continue to distribute Fox 
  • Darcy branded Fox’s reporting ‘irresponsible and dangerous’
  • ‘A TV network demanding that media conglomerates ban its competitors,’ Carlson ranted in his clapback
  • In the segment, Carlson also launched into an extended skit casting CNN’s president Jeff Zucker as Mini-Me and correspondent Brian Stelter as Dr. Evil

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed on his Friday night show that CNN is allegedly attempted to force the network off the air and has contacted six cable carriers about discontinuing service.

Earlier on Friday, CNN journalists had blasted Fox for being ‘irresponsible and dangerous’ and slammed Carlson, in particular, for not saying that the rioting Trump suuporters on Wedneday were mounting an insurrection. 

‘With enemies like this, Fox News will be around for a long, long time,’ Carlson claimed at the end of a long monologue in which he tore into rival host Brianna Keilar and branded CNN’s president Jeff Zucker ‘the dwarf king’. 

The Fox host voiced his anger after a scathing segment from Keilar in which she accussed him of being ‘entirely fantastical’.

Keilar had also ripped into Carlson on her own Twitter account branding him ‘a propagandist. A liar. A parasite’ for his coverage of the riots and Trump’s presidency in general. 

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, pictured, claimed during his Friday night show that CNN is attempting to take the network off the air in an angry tirade against the Trump rival

Carlson also launched himself into an extended skit about Zucker in which he cast him as Mini-Me and correspondent Brian Stelter as Dr. Evil, as pictured above

Carlson was also responding to an article from CNN’s Oliver Darcy in which he questioned whether cable carriers should follow guidelines on the content they disseminate and if they should discontinue carrying Fox.

‘It’s hard, for instance, to imagine they’d carry a fringe and conspiratorial network like InfoWars,’ Darcy wrote.

‘So why do AT&T (which I should note is CNN’s parent company), CenturyLink, and Verizon carry OAN? Why do AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon, Comcast, Charter, and Dish carry Newsmax?’ he questioned.

‘And why do they all carry Fox — which is, frankly, at times just as irresponsible and dangerous with its platform as its smaller competitor networks?

‘I asked all of these companies for comment on Thursday. I asked them if they have any guidelines governing the content that they carry on their platforms,’ Darcy continued.

‘I asked them if they have any regret over carrying right-wing channels that were in many ways partly responsible for what took place in our nation’s capital this week.’

Carlson was enraged by the article and used a segment of his show to berate his rivals for ‘calling for censorship’ of a competitor.

‘Friday morning, CNN announced that it is working to force the Fox News Channel off the air and run this company out of business,’ an angered Carlson said.

‘A number of prominent Democrats, including officeholders, support that effort. CNN staffers have already contacted the six major cable carriers in this country, the companies that carry our signal into your home, and pressured them to drop Fox News.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar had ripped into Carlson on Twitter branding him ‘propagandist. A liar. A parasite’ for his coverage of the riots and Trump’s presidency in general

Carlson claimed that CNN host Brianna Keilar was blinded by white privilege

‘On what pretext, you may ask? On the pretext that this show and others on the channel are directly responsible for the violence at the U.S. Capitol this week.

‘Here you have a news company calling for censorship, a TV network demanding that media conglomerates ban its competitors,’ Carlson continued to rant.

‘That’s terrifying, but it’s also, if we’re being completely honest here, kind of amusing.’

He then launched into his sketch in which he painted Zucker as ‘CNN’s blustery little dwarf king, calling into his morning staff meeting Thursday, having spent a long night sitting on the tiny throne in his apartment, feet dangling just above the floor, watching Fox News and getting angrier and angrier’.

‘By the time he reaches his minions in the CNN newsroom to deliver the day’s orders, the dwarf king’s fleshy face is quivering like jello and crimson with rage. “Make them stop!” he screams. “Make them stop!” The minions jolt to attention,’ he continues.

Carlson claimed that Keilar, who he identified as a former homecoming queen from Orange County, was the first to take up Zucker’s charge and that her main order had been: ‘Stop Fox’.

Much of the segment from Carlson involved him mocking CNN’s president Jeff Zucker and correspondent Brian Stelter as Dr. Evil, as pictured above

Carlson had even superimposed the pair onto the character’s bodies, pictured

The Fox Host then began to mock Keilar claiming that she had found the instruction ‘confusing’.

‘That was the main command. Then there was that stream of consciousness part, the part where the boss was breathing so heavily it was hard to make out the words. There was “White supremacy,” “insurrection,” “domestic terrorism,” something like that,’ he said of Zucker’s alleged instructions to his CNN hosts.

‘She tries to connect the dots. It’s confusing, but she’s pretty sure the word “insurrection” was in there. Someone “instructed,” maybe, or “acted incorrectly,” something like that. No, it was definitely insurrection. So, she decides to look up the word in the dictionary to see what it means.’

He then claimed that Keilar had been ‘blinded by her white privilege’ as she blasted Carlson for not calling Wednesday’s riot on the Capitol an insurrection.

‘That’s the thing about white privilege. If you keep doing it, you go blind. That’s what the boss said, anyway,’ he said of the CNN host.

CNN or Keilar has not yet responded to Carlson’s comments.

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