Trump rips 'radical left' NY prosecutors who've 'failed' to pin a crime on him after lawyers say he WON'T be charged

FORMER President Donald Trump blasted New York City and State prosecutors after Trump was told by his lawyer he would not be charged in the prosecutors' two-year-old investigation into his assets.

"Radical Left New York City and State Prosecutors, who have let murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and all other forms of crime skyrocket to record levels," Trump wrote.

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And "who have just announced that they will be releasing hundreds of people involved in violent crime back onto the streets without retribution of any kind, are rude, nasty, and totally biased in the way they are treating lawyers, representatives, and some of the wonderful long-term employees and people within the Trump Organization," he continued.

Trump Organization lawyer Ron Fischetti said the president for now won't be getting charged – but added that doesn't mean future charges are out of the question.

"I can’t say he’s out of the woods yet completely," Fischetti said.

However, that did little to stop Trump from going on an endless tirade almost as long as the two-year investigation into the Trump Organization.

"After hundreds of subpoenas, over 3 million pages of documents, 4 years of searching, dozens and dozens of interviews, and millions of dollars of taxpayer funds wasted, they continue to be ‘in search of a crime’ and will do anything to frighten people into making up the stories or lies that they want, but have been totally unable to get," Trump wrote in a lengthy sentence.

"It is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time."

Trump's main target with Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. who has led the investigation since its beginnings.

His comments came as Fischetti and other Trump Organization attorneys met with Vance's office.

Lawyers have said that the grand jury brought together by Vance is nearing a vote on the number of indictments to issue.

Fischetti said Trump won't be indicted – "at least not with what’s coming down this week." He added the company itself could be charged.

Prosecutors are however looking to bring charges against Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer for the Trump Organization.

Investigators have so far focused on benefits given to top executives like apartments, cars, and school tuition.

Prosecutors are not currently planning to charge Trump over alleged "hush money" payments to porn star Stormy Daniel or real estate fraud, his lawyer has said.

Trump's attorney Ronald Fischetti said on Monday that during a meeting last week he asked Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance for details about the charges they were considering filing.

Fischetti claims that members of Vance's team said he was weighing charges against the Trump Organization and various employees regarding alleged failures to pay taxes on corporate benefits and other perks.

The perks included cars and apartments and only involve a small number of executives, Politico reported.

“We asked, ‘Is there anything else?’” Fischetti told the outlet. "They said, 'No.'"

Fischetti said it was "crazy" that "that's all they had."

When pressed as to whether allegations made by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen and ex-porn star Stormy Daniels regarding supposed "hush money" payments were mentioned in the meeting, Fischetti said "no."

"Nothing. Not a word on that," he continued.

The attorney added that Vance's team informed him they weren't planning on bringing charges against Trump himself when the first indictment comes down.

“They just said, ‘When this indictment comes down, he won’t be charged. Our investigation is ongoing,’” he told Politico.

The first indictment could come in as soon as later this week, officials say.

Vance's office has not replied to a request for comment.

However, according to the Washington Post, his team has informed Trump's advisers that they will proceed with charges unless persuaded otherwise today.

“It’s like the Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing,” Fischetti told Politico. “This is so small that I can’t believe I’m going to have to try a case like this.”

Vance's office has been investigating Trump since 2016, during the early stages of his presidential campaign.

The investigation began with a focus on the Trump Organization's reimbursement of a 2016 hush-money payment made by Michael Cohen to two women who claimed to have had affairs with him, including Daniels.

Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and was sentenced to three years in federal prison. But the man Cohen says directed him to make those payments, Donald J. Trump, has never been charged.

The ex-Trump fixer also testified before Congress in February 2019 that the then-president had exaggerated his wealth to lower his insurance premiums.

Vance's investigation has since broadened into a wider review of the company's dealings with a variety of external entities, including Deutsche Bank and Ladder Capital, a commercial mortgage loans company.

Earlier this year, Vance's team won big when the Supreme Court authorized them to seize Trump's personal tax returns, after years of him refusing to disclose the documents voluntarily.

Then last month, the Washington Post reported that Vance had convened a grand jury to decided whether or not to charge Trump and the Trump Organization.

CNN previously reported Vance's investigators had been looking into the allegations made by Daniels and Cohen.

Trump and his organization could still yet be charged by Vance in relation to the allegations.

However, Fischetti said he doesn't believe those charges are likely any time in the near future, if at all.

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