Tragic case of Victoria Climbié, 8, who was tortured and murdered by her carers

It has been over two decades since eight-year-old Victoria Climbié was laid to rest after she was tortured and murdered by her own guardians.

She tragically died at the hands of her evil great aunt Marie Thérèse Kouao and her partner Carl Manning after suffering months of sexual assault and brutal beatings.

The tragic case of Victoria Climbié rocked the nation and directed eyes onto the UK's child protection services which lead to a public inquiry following her death on February 25, 2000.

The revolutionary case saw over 200 witnesses appear in court and it became the first time that murderers were called to give evidence as to how authorities missed chances to stop them.

Victoria, who in the end weighed a mere three stone and 10 pounds, tragically died of hypothermia and suffered a total of 128 injuries which included cigarette burns and scars.

With the anniversary of her death approaching next month, the Daily Star takes a look back into her devastating case and the major opportunities to protect her which were missed.

Overjoyed with the news she would be leaving her home in the Ivory Coast, in western Africa, Victoria moved to Europe to live with her aunt Marie Thérèse Kouao.

In 1998, the two moved to Acton, in Ealing, west London, but their life's soon changed when Marie was befriended by bus driver Carl Manning before getting into a relationship with him, reports My London.

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One year later, they moved into Manning's flat in Tottenham, north London, during the summer where little Victoria endured horrific abuse within the first month of moving.

Haringey Council and the Metropolitan Police were alerted to an incident that saw Victoria hospitalised, which the daughter of her childminder believed were with non-accidental injuries in July.

But Kouao was able to trick a doctor into believing that the little girl had caused her injuries by scratching her scabies to the point where they were extremely sore.

It was reported that just 10 days after the suspicious incident, Victoria was rushed to hospital again as she endured scalding on her head and face.

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A public inquiry named the council's social worker, Lisa Arthurworrey and PC Karen Jones as the people who were responsible for investigating her living situation.

The pair failed to recognise the abuse and accepted her aunt's defence that the hot water was used to prevent Victoria from scratching her scalp. They ignored the concerns of medical professions and continued to take Kouao's word.

Victoria's living situation continued to spiral out of control and it was later found that she was forced to sleep in the bath with a bin bag as a makeshift cover from October 1999 onwards.

It was also revealed that Kouao reported her partner to social services and said he was sexually assaulting her niece. She removed the complaint the following day.

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PC Jones was instructed to investigate the claims further but didn't follow up the complaint after Kouao didn't reply to a letter.

Kouao and Victoria went off the radar for several months until the child was taken to North Middlesex Hospital suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia the following year.

But this time, there was no saving Victoria and despite medical professionals best efforts, she was pronounced dead on February 25, 2000.

Later that year, Manning and his girlfriend Kouao appeared in court to face charges including murder and child cruelty in November.

Manning was found guilty of murder in January 2001 alongside Kouao who was also sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.

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