Thug and girlfriend allegedly tortured ex-wife for days

A man and his partner have been arrested for torturing the man's estranged wife for days by horrifically sodomising her with a baseball bat and cutting off one of her fingers.

Justin J. Wilson, aged 31, and Nicole K. Elmore, aged 35, were arrested at the end of last week regarding allegations that they gruesomely tortured Wilson's estranged wife beginning on New Year's Eve.

They have been accused of kidnapping, sexual abuse and assault.

The victim, who has not been named but who is 37 years old, has claimed that her ordeal began on New Year's Eve at around 8.30pm.

Wilson and Elmore went to her residence in New York and allegedly kidnapped her at gunpoint.

The victim claims she was taken to a trailer following a 45-minute drive and chucked into a room with a pit bull.

The woman told police: "Throughout the entire time I was with Justin, he was threatening to kill me and told me if I didn’t kill myself, he would kill me.

“He beat me, burned me, cut off my finger, sodomised me and I thought I was going to die.”

On the second day, she was allegedly made to undress before being burnt on her back, her rib cage, her hand and her forearm.

On the third day, she was allegedly made to clean up dog poo in the trailer before being forced to perform a sex act on Wilson.

Wilson then allegedly cut off the tip of her little finger on her right hand and used a flame to cauterise the wound.

The victim claims that the following day, she was sodomised by Wilson using a baseball bat, while on day five, the suspects allegedly drove the victim to a hotel in Amsterdam, New York, and continued to torture her.

The victim alleges that she was hit with a charging cable tied to a spanner and had her head forced into a urine-filled toilet.

Luckily, the woman reportedly managed to escape and take a cab to her grandfather's home.

He took her to hospital and called the police, and officers arrested Wilson late on Thursday evening after a two-hour stand off.

Elmore was also arrested after being found in a car.

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