The Valentines cards which prove you can't kill humour

Cupid-19! The funny Valentine’s Day cards that prove there are two things coronavirus can’t kill – romance and the British sense of humour

The funny Valentines that prove there are two things the virus can’t kill – romance and the British sense of humour.

DRIVE THEM CRAZY: Show your other half you only have fully-tested eyes for them with this Dominic Cummings card from GrizzlyPaperCraft on

GET THE MESSAGE: A table for two somewhere romantic may be out of the question but it’s the thought that counts

APPY VALENTINES: An ode to takeaways on this card from Thortful

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HELLO HANDSOME: Tell your lover just how good-looking he is with this Rishi Sunak caricature on Thortful

PROFESS YOUR LOVE: The R in R-rate stands for romance in another Prof Chris Whitty design from Thortful

KEIRLY BELOVED: If you need to state the obvious, the Labour leader is your man in this design from Thortful

Boris Johnson, pictured, appears as a rather grumpy Cupid in his Valentine’s card

This card makes light of the government’s imposition of lockdown 

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