Terrifying drone footage shows shark getting dangerously close to unsuspecting swimmers at Daytona beach | The Sun

TERRIFYING drone footage shows the moment a deadly shark stalks two unsuspecting swimmers at a Florida beach.

At one point, the swimmers – in waist-deep water – waved at the drone completely unaware they were being surrounded a shark.

The incredible footage was captured last Thursday by brothers Robert and Blake Russ as they tracked the shark's movements about a mile north of the pier.

The brothers followed the shark along the coast but were too far away to alert swimmers, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

Blake said he saw the shark "going right towards the people".

"So then that's when all the family started gathering around the screen on the remote," he told the news outlet.

"We were just amazed that people were just bouncing around on their floaties."

Robert said they were getting "pretty excited and nervous" about bathers getting bitten.

At another point, the shark can be seen encircling a young family of three on floaties, two surfers and a lone woman in the water.

There were times the underwater beast was mere feet away from their potential prey.

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Thankfully, the shark ended up swimming away without anyone getting hurt.

It comes as a fisherman was stunned when a whopping 14ft shark swam up to his boat off the Welsh coast last month.

Alex Nel, 32, began filming on his phone when he saw a fin poking through the water and heading towards his boat.

He can be heard saying: "What the f**k is that?" Before adding: "It's a f**king shark."

Dairy farmer Alex was on the fishing trip off Strumble Head in Cardigan Bay, Pembrokeshire, which is renowned for its rich marine life when he came across the giant fish on Saturday.

He estimated that the shark was around two feet shorter than the 16ft boat he was on.

Meanwhile, the world's fastest shark, which can swim at 43mph, was spotted lurking off a Spanish coast.

The great mako shark – that can reach up to 15ft long – was seen for the first time near Garraf, Barcelona.

The beast was recorded last month during an expedition of the Cetacean Association.

The mako shark that was about 8ft long was apparently swimming calmly and didn't look injured.

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