Sick fishermen filmed themselves hacking off shark’s tail and laughing

Two laughing fishermen filmed themselves cutting off an endangered shark's tail in a sickening video which has prompted an angry backlash.

A horrifying clip shows blood streaming from the shark after it was thrown back into the sea.

It was taken in Greenland, a Danish territory, and happened after the shark's tail got caught in a fishing line.

According to local news outlet RUV, both men have been fired from their jobs, and could face criminal charges.

The laughing men, whose faces are shown in the video, are heard shouting: "Good luck trying to swim, you punk!"

The endangered Greenland shark – which does not prey on humans – was seen struggling to swim away after the shocking attack.

As the video provoked outrage, it was quickly shared by others.

Fuming Christel Yr Johanse shared the distressing video on Facebook , branding them "sick losers".

She wrote: “The guy is so proud of himself that he disabled comments because no one seems to agree with him .. got a screengrab before he closed that … share at will."

The ship owners wrote in a statement: "This act is completely unjustifiable and those who committed it have no excuse.

"The owners have no other choice but to refuse any more services from the person displaying this kind of behaviour."

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