Sex addict slaughtered loving family to fund obsession with Bulgarian cam-girl

They seemed to be a happy, loving family who did their best to love and support each other – until one day, they were shot dead.

Living in a beautiful home in Chuluota, Florida, Chad and Margaret raised their three boys; Jason, Cody, and Grant.

The three boys seemed to be close, with Cody and Grant being each other’s best friends and the closest in age.

The brothers shared a love of football and often went to Florida Gators games together.

From the outside looking in, they were the ideal happy family – but one day all that changed.

Grant and Cody were both training to be nurses when things started to spiral for Grant as he was suspended while an investigation began.

He was accused of stealing and improperly administering medication. The company he worked for had him arrested and subsequently fired.

The charges were later dropped, possibly from Cody paying $8,000 for his brother’s lawyer.

But out of work and seemingly out of luck, Grant withdrew into himself and spent most of the time in his room playing and streaming video games, dreaming of becoming famous on Twitch – or so his family thought.

But when Grant wasn't playing games, he was watching porn, becoming infatuated with a Bulgarian cam girl named Silvie.

He would spend up to four hours a night watching the beautiful woman with long dark hair, beautiful figure, and exotic Eastern European dialect doing what cam-girls work to do.

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According to CrimeBeat, the site used a token system to buy time with their models.

Grant would buy 5,000 tokens at a time, costing around $600.

Reports say Silvie’s chatroom cost 90 tokens per minute, which meant he was spending $2,500 a night watching her.

Desperate to keep her in his life, he lied to people online, creating a rich and successful alter ego.

As his love for her grew, he would send her lingerie and sex toys to use during her performances and extra cash.

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To fund his sexual addiction, he would steal money from his parents, brothers and other relatives, amounting to around $200,000.

Finally, his family said enough is enough and sent him to rehab but he was released within weeks.

He was welcomed back home under the conditions that he would give up his access to Silvie – but to Grant, she was "all that mattered."

He began stealing again – even from his brother while on a trip to Japan which was funded for him.

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Soon, he was no longer welcome in the house and on January 24, 2019, his father told Grant to start packing his belongings and leave before he got home.

But instead, Grant decided to shoot his family dead.

First creeping up on his mum, and shooting her in the head as she worked on the computer.

When his father arrived home, Grant snuck up on him and shot him in the head twice in the kitchen before shooting Cody by the front door.

The scene was then staged as though an outside party had come in and shot the family before Grant fled to a motel outside of town where he was found by police and taken in for questioning.

Despite Grant insisting he was innocents, jurors in Seminole County, Florida found him guilty on three counts of murder, receiving a life sentence for each in August 2019.

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