Putin puppet unleashes fresh threat to destroy Great Britain

Russian pundit suggests ‘one strike’ on Great Britain

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Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has unleashed a chilling nuclear war threat against Britain on Russian TV. Solovyov called for the UK to be annihilated “militarily” in a single nuclear strike during the Russian TV presenter’s latest anti-western rant. The Putin apologist argued that Russia must strike so “there is no Great Britain” to end London’s diplomatic and military support for Ukraine. 

“We must strike once as general Aleksander Gurulyov suggested and there is no Great Britain, the military one.”

The fears of a nuclear exchange involving Russia, the US and NATO have ramped up amid Ukrainian efforts to strike into Russian territory with American-made arms. 

Russian defence chiefs have claimed to have downed four US-made Harm anti-radar missiles over the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine.

The Russian defence ministry offered no further details on the incident which the Pentagon has not confirmed.

It comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin made a rare trip Monday to Moscow’s ally Belarus as his forces pursued their campaign to bombard Ukraine from the air amid a broad battlefield stalemate almost 10 months into the war.

Putin’s visit to Minsk came hours after Russia’s latest drone attack on Ukraine. Moscow has been targeting Ukraine’s power grid since October as part of a strategy to deprive the country of heat and power during winter.

His brief trip could herald more military support for the Kremlin war effort, after Belarus provided Russia with a launching pad for the invasion of Ukraine last February.

Putin said he and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko discussed forming “a single defense space” in the region but rejected claims that Moscow was poised to swallow its neighbor.

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“Russia isn’t interested in any kind of merger, it’s not feasible,” Putin said.

Putin said that he supported Lukashenko’s proposal to train the crews of Belarusian warplanes that already have been modified for using special warheads — a reference to nuclear weapons.

Earlier this year, Russia and Belarus have announced a plan to modernize Belarusian aircraft to make them nuclear-capable. Lukashenko said Belarusian crews have been training with Russia to operate those planes modified to carry nuclear weapons.

Lukashenko thanked Putin for providing his military with Iskander short range missiles and S-400 air defense systems. He also said the countries agreed to continue hold joint military exercises.

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Belarus is believed to have Soviet-era weapons stockpiles that could be useful for Moscow. Lukashenko, meanwhile, needs help with his country’s ailing economy. It was a rare trip to Minsk by Putin, who usually receives Lukashenko in Russia.

Moscow has kept up its war effort despite Western sanctions and the supply of Western air defense systems to Ukrainian forces.

Sitting beside Lukashenko, Putin emphasized their close military-technical ties. He said they include not only mutual supplies of equipment but also joint work in high-tech military industries.

Analysts say the Kremlin might be seeking some kind of Belarusian military support for its Ukraine operations. But the winter weather and Russia’s depleted resources mean any big Russian attack probably won’t come soon, according to the Institute for the Study of War, a think tank in Washington.

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