Pub boss turns hundreds of old crisp packets into blankets for homeless in lockdown project

A PUB boss is turning hundreds of old crisp packets into blankets for the homeless.

Shannon Quigley and customers at The Dingle in Solihull, West Mids, have pulled together to help rough sleepers stay warm in bitterly cold temperatures.

They have been piling a shopping trolley in the pub's car park high with the wrappers since last summer.

The packets will be ironed out flat before being sealed together to create "potentially life-saving" insulated blankets or sleeping bag liners.

They help those on the street stay warm as the foil reflects their body heat back to them.

Pub operator Shannon told Coventry Live: “It’s a strange idea, I admit.

“However, being able to take a largely discarded item and turn it into something of use and potentially life-saving is humbling.

“What started as us just deciding not to throw away the crisp packets that we sold in the pub, has turned into a community-wide campaign.

“I would like to thank everyone who has donated so far, we are continuing to collect them to make as many blankets as we can.”

Shannon was inspired by local councillor Laura McCarthy and Yvonne Clements from the Elmdon Community Team.

Residents responded to the lockdown initiative with enthusiasm and have collected more than three giant bin bags full so far.

The pub is continuing the collection and asks anyone with leftover crisp packets to drop them off in the car park.

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