Pair accused of ‘inciting racial hatred’ as they admit sharing ‘grossly offensive’ Snapchat video targeting Priti Patel

TWO men have been accused of "inciting racial hatred" after they admitted to sharing a racist Snapchat video targeting Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Jake Henderson, 28, posted a sick 50-second rant that went viral in which he used vile racist terms to describe Ms Patel as she delivered a Covid briefing.

In the video shown to magistrates in Mansfield on Tuesday, the ex-Sunday league manager says: "As a white man, I won't be listening to people of colour."

Robert Cumming, 26, admitted to sharing the string of shameful comments to his own Snapchat group with the caption: "Haters gonna be hating," with four laughing emojis.

The video was "motivated by hostility towards members of racial groups," prosecutor Daniel Church said.

The court heard how the shocking video was recovered by police from Henderson's partner's mobile phone.

The disgraced former cars salesman Henderson, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, and Cumming, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, pleaded guilty to a single charge of sending a grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing message or matter via a public communication network.

The pair were granted unconditional bail ahead of a sentencing hearing on August 12.

Mr Church told the court a "number of people were distressed by the racist sentiment" of the clip, triggering numerous complaints to police.

The sickening outburst sparked outrage on social media, that saw Henderson later complain he was "jobless" and that his "family are on the verge of disowning me" in the wake of the backlash.

A member of the public said in a statement read to magistrates that she feared the footage could "incite racial hatred".

"People have the right to feel their own feelings but he didn't have the right to show his feelings in this way," she said.

Her sentiment was echoed by that of a Rotherham Borough councillor, who said the video had "upset" her.

She continued, "I feel the comments were targeted at everyone in Rotherham, especially the Asian community.

"The comments are very extreme and were not made in a joking manner. They were not off-hand racist comments – it was an ideological view."

Ahead of today's hearing, Janine Smith, chief Crown prosecutor for CPS East Midlands, said: "Following complaints in relation to a video targeted at Home Secretary Priti Patel and posted on social media in January 2021, the CPS has authorised Nottinghamshire Police to charge Jake Henderson and Robert Cumming with sending a grossly offensive message by a public communication network."

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