Over 300 skeletons including 150 kids found by builders working on new UK bar

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    Hundreds of skeletons including many of children were found buried underneath a former department store with stunned builders forced to evacuate the site after they stumbled across the chilling find.

    Archaeologists have since moved into the mass graves in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, where they found the remains of more than 300 human bodies before tragically realising that over half of them were kids.

    The experts say the site, which was being used to build a new bar before the skeletons were found, is likely the ancient burial ground of victims from a battle dating all the way back to the 15th Century.

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    Brutal head injuries were found that could be consistent with killer wounds caused by arrows and hefty musket balls.

    One theory is the killings occurred after a town raid led by by Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr.

    Alongside the human remains, the investigation found a “hugely significant” structure composed of stables, reading rooms and even a hospital.

    The historians now reckon the ancient burial ground was part of the 600-year-old friary of St Saviour.

    One of the bodies was buried with a chalice in their hands, leading the archaeologists to think the person was significant in the area.

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    Site supervisor Andrew Shobbrook, from Dyfed Archaeological Trust, said: “It's quite a prestigious place to be buried. You have a range of people, from the wealthy to general townsfolk.

    “We know that the town was besieged in 1405 by Owain Glyndr and they could be victims of that conflict.”

    While Archaeologist Gaby Lester gushed: “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be involved in something so big.

    “The site is showing itself to be massive part of the history of Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire.

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    “It can be slightly overwhelming at times but it's also quite humbling to be part of that person's journey.”

    DAT Archaeological Services started the search back in February and following the significant finds it is close to completion.

    The skeletons are set to be analysed before being reburied, with other artefacts discovered stored nearby to be cleaned and dried.

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