New York subway shooting suspect told police ‘I’ll be waiting in McDonalds’

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The lone gunman who ran amok at a Brooklyn subway station – firing 33 shots and wounding 10 people – was taken into custody “without incident” on Wednesday afternoon in Manhattan after police received a tip-off.

Unusually, the informant was reportedly the shooter himself as he told police, who were on a manhunt for him, exactly where he would be.

Frank James was arrested at around 2pm yesterday afternoon after a manhunt that had lasted nearly 30 hours. A law enforcement source claims that James, 62, had called the CrimeStoppers hotline himself, telling them he would be in a McDonalds in New York’s East Village.

By the time police made it to the restaurant, James had left, but had been spotted by at least two other New Yorkers as he wandered around nearby.

The source told The New York Post: “A call came into Crime Stoppers … The guy says, ‘You know I think you’re looking for me. I’m seeing my picture all over the news and I’ll be around this McDonalds… I want to clear things up,’”

They added: “So the unit responds and he’s not at the McDonalds so they start driving around and see a man who fits the description. When they take him into custody they find his Wisconsin driver’s license.”

Another witness, Zack Tahhan, had been repairing a security camera outside a shop in the area and recognised the wanted man. He had also called police but has reportedly refused to accept a reward.

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The Syrian-born repairman said that money wasn't important to him and he “just wanted to do the right thing”.

James had been identified as the prime suspect in the horrific mass shooting incident after federal officials found a pistol abandoned in a bag in the train carriage, and traced its serial number to a weapon that had been bought by James in 2011.

James's sister has said that she doubts he is the person responsible for the attack.

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Keechant Sewell, New York's police commissioner, said that James had been arrested "without incident".

"There was nowhere left for him to run," she said.

James, who had nine prior arrests is expected to face a number of criminal charges, authorities said. If he is found guilty of breaking the federal law against "terrorist and other violent attacks" on public transport systems he could face life in prison.

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