New York photographer reveals 90s snaps showing celebs as they film iconic movie scenes on the streets of the Big Apple

AN AMAZING new book by a legendary lensman shows the world's biggest movie stars at work on the streets of the Big Apple.

New York photographer Larry Schwartzwald's publication 'Streets of Gold'captures Hollywood's finest performing for the cameras.

The incredible images were captured by revered Schwartzwald as he worked in Manhattan during the so-called naughty nineties.

He rediscovered the marvelous movie portfolio as he sifted through thousands of negatives during the coronavirus pandemic.

And – as these pictures show – they feature everything from brutal brawls to actors showing off to their fans.

One bizarre image shows film funnyman Jack Black turning up to a TV show on a bike wearing just his underwear.

A more candid image shows former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson asleep on a couch in a hotel lobby.

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow are also pictured in NYC back when they were still together.

Other images show world-famous stars taking a break between high-pressure shoots.

Schwartzwald revealed: "In New York City during the past four or five dreary Covid months was a tedious yet rewarding endeavor.

"Strolling the parks and streets of Manhattan with a flaneur’s eagerness and devotion, paid off in documenting the icons of entertainment."

He added the 90s was a "historical time of carefree talent and unabashed desire to participate in the creative culture."

Famously dubbed the 'New York Post’s King of the Streets', Schwartzwald plans to release 'Streets of Gold' sometime in the new year.

Born in New York in 1953, he studied literature at prestigious New York University.

He worked as a freelance photographer for the Post for nearly two decades and still lives in Manhattan.

Books and literature have shaped several of his photo series including 'Reading New York' and 'Famous Poets' which were both published in 2017.

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