New Moncton non-profit seeks funding to provide affordable housing, fight homelessness

A new non-profit group in Moncton is hoping to put an end to the city’s homelessness problem.

Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc., a housing entity formed in response to Moncton’s 2019 Community Implementation Plan for Affordable Housing, presented its business plan and funding model to councillors Tuesday evening.

“We can’t keep doing things this way,” said Vincent Merola, a community development officer with the City of Moncton.

“The longer a person is in homelessness, the more trauma they experience and the longer it takes to get out.”

The non-profit is seeking a total of $12 million over three years, with $2 million coming from both the city and the province on an annual basis.

When asked where the municipal money would come from, Mayor Dawn Arnold told reporters “That’s a great question… Where will we cut? Or will we raise taxes?”

She did say the business plan is contingent on the requested provincial funding getting approval.

But Arnold was also quick to point out the magnitude of the issue if the status quo continues.

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