Neighbours’ fury as apocalypse-mad millionaire plans to build nuclear bunker

The neighbours of a millionaire have been left furious after receiving the bombshell news that she wants to build a huge nuclear bunker.

The massive survival facility is the brainchild of 42-year-old Lavinia Jacobs, who wants it inserted underneath her already-huge mansion.

Ms Jacobs wants to complete the project beneath her £10million Rye, East Sussex home.

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Complete with airtight blast-proof doors, the application for the project says: “The work involves the excavation, forming and casting of a reinforced concrete nuclear bunker basement.”

With an access tunnel to the property above, the huge operation is expected to last months and cost tens of thousands of pounds to complete.

If completed it would include a kitchen, storage room and four bedrooms.

The daughter of the late Klaus Jacobs, a Swiss chocolate mogul, this project is understood to become the second bunker under Ms Jacob’s ownership.

Her home in Switzerland is also understood to have a bunker beneath it.

Ms Jacob’s East Sussex pad is Leasom House, a Grade II-listed country pile built on 57 acres in the year 1800.

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But locals have however voiced their concerns over the merits and value of completing the project.

Writing on the Rother district council website, Janet Warren claimed the possible benefits paled in comparison to the possible damage to the land and property.

She wrote the possible damage “far outweighs any doubtful useful purpose the development will have”.

Speaking to the Sun, another local said: “All the building equipment and transport needed to carry this out will go right by our front door.”

Another said: “We never see Lavinia here.

"I suppose she must be worried what Putin is up to.

“I’m not sure he’ll have Rye in his sights though.”

While no decision has yet been made by planning committees, her application is understood to be a reaction to the war in Ukraine, which saw Vladimir Putin’s forces invade and escalate tensions and concerns over nuclear conflict.

The Daily Star has sent a request to Lavinia Jacobs with a view to offering the chance for comment.

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