Mum in 5-year row as she refuses to pay £285 fine for parking car in pal’s spot

A car parking firm has hit back at a woman they have been in a five-year feud with over her parking in her friend's space with permission.

Sarah Quinn, 35, told YorkshireLive last month that she is suffering a "campaign of abuse" from Vehicle Control Services Ltd, to whom she owes a fine which has risen to £285, with the threat of bailiffs and the impact of a negative credit rating also hanging over her.

But the firm has now hit back saying Ms Quinn "ignored all correspondence" and that they "refute the allegations made against our patrol officer".

On June 6, 2016, Sarah visited her friend Holly at her flat in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, but her friend had misplaced her permit and explained to the attendant what had occurred.

She said: "She had misplaced her permit so we put a note in her car to state that she'd misplaced her permit and the flat number to buzz us to confirm that we were the occupants of the corresponding space.

"The attendant buzzed us and we explained we were trying to find the permit but that it was her space. He said that was fine and that he wouldn't ticket as it was Holly's space.

"We then watched out of the window and he started taking photos of my car. We went down to the car park and he said he was ticketing me anyway.

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"I got the email address from the notice and emailed them straight away explaining the situation and that it was my friend's land.

"They ignored my email. They then obtained my address through DVLA and started a campaign of harassment that has lasted five years."

But a spokesman for Vehicle Control Services Ltd said the ticket was valid.

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He said: "A key term and condition for parking at the Commercial Mill private car park, required that a valid permit was clearly displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle and, by her own admission, Ms Quinn did not display a valid permit.

"Ms Quinn did not appeal the parking charge nor respond to any further reminders, (she ignored all correspondence), and, consequently, matters proceeded to court.

"In accordance with the relevant legal limitation period, we have up to six years in which to commence court proceedings.

"We refute the allegations made against our patrol officer. We are satisfied that the parking charge was issued correctly as there had been a clear breach of the terms and conditions of the car park which were clearly set out on prominent signs on site."

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