Mum and son, 4, forced to live in car after she lost her job in Covid lockdown

A single mum and her four-year-old son have been forced to live in a car with their possessions after she lost her job in the coronavirus pandemic.

Mum-of-one Shelby Hughes made a life for herself in Berkeley, California but life turned upside down when the pandemic hit.

Shelby said she immediately lost both of her jobs due to Covid-19 and was unable to afford rent, leaving her with no choice but to live in her car.

Her little boy, Callen, went from having "his own room and going to daycare" to living in their car, parked up at a campsite.

The mum described the nights as "frightening" to ABC 7 and said it breaks her heart to think of herself as a "failure."

Shelby told ABC 7: "He went from having his own room and going to daycare, seeing his friends, to now just me in the car, going camping."

Showing the station around her makeshift home, Shelby said: "This right here is his playroom, it's got all of his toys.

"These seats right here, they lay down flat so I just make a bed out of all the blankets."

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Callen is also having a hard time understanding why he can't go swimming at a members club he's spotted near the campsite.

The mum says she puts blankets over the windows so the two of them can feel safer and as comfortable as possible.

Shelby claims she has been unable to get Government assistance and is relying on the state to help her sort the situation out.

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