Motorist leaves car to buy ice cream from van behind during rush hour

Sundae driver! Motorist creates a traffic jam when he leaves his car in the middle of the road to buy an ice cream from the van behind him

  • Bizarre moment was caught on camera in Bordesley Green, in Birmingham
  • Paul Sales, who was driving behind, expressed disbelief when he realised what unidentified man was doing
  • Man stopped his BMW 520 to buy ice cream after seller played his van’s music 

This is the astonishing moment a driver blocks a lane of traffic in Birmingham during rush hour to buy an ice cream from the van behind him, although it did not say ‘stop me and buy one’.  

The bizarre incident happened in Bordesley Green in Birmingham on Tuesday May 14 as a heat wave hit the UK, with temperatures in the West Midlands city reaching 19°C.

Paul Sales, who was driving behind the man’s silver BMW 520, filmed the moment the man got out of his car and bought the ice cream, after the seller had played his van’s music. 

Driver Paul Sales lets an ice cream van into his lane of rush hour traffic in Bordesley Green in Birmingham, before the van plays its music and a man in front stops his car

The clip begins with Mr Sales stopping his car to allow the ice cream van’s driver to turn into the lane of bunched up traffic.

The ice cream’s van’s driver then plays his vehicle’s music, in an apparent attempt to attract customers – and the BMW’s driver obliges soon after.

He stops his car and gets out before smiling and pointing at the ice cream van and then walking over with a handful of coins. 

The man then gets out of his car and walks to the van’s window and, to Mr Sales’s astonishment, buys an ice cream

When Mr Sales realises that he is about to buy an ice cream, he exclaims, ‘Oh you’re f***ing joking!’.

Drivers stuck behind the van blare their horns and Mr Sales begins to move his car around the stopped vehicles.

The man, who is now clutching an ice cream in a cone, along with a flake, gets back in his car and Mr Sales accelerates past the car and swears again. 

He uploaded the clip to Facebook group ‘Bad Drivers Caught on Dashcam’ on Friday.

He said: ‘Watch the BMW after I let the Ice Cream van out, yup in the middle of the bloody road I bet thats a first it was for me.’

Mr Sales then angrily drives around the car as the man gets back in his car with his ice cream in a cone with a flake

Commenting on the video, Graham King joked: ‘Did it say ‘Stop me and buy one’ on the van?’

Another, Shona Kelly, commented: ‘That’s hilarious’. 

Speaking today Paul, 62 from Birmingham said: ‘Initially I was annoyed as I thought what if a child sees this and ran out into the road, but I later saw the funny side once it was all over.’

The owner of the van Sajid Mahmood was contacted about the incident and he admitted that his driver made an error of judgement. 

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