Motorist filmed driving down the central reservation

‘Idiotic’ driver careers down central reservation to overtake more than 50 vehicles – and then shares the incriminating footage online

  • A man was filmed driving down the central reservation of a dual carriageway 
  • The incident happened on the A322 Lightwater bypass outside Woking, Surrey
  • Road safety campaigners have criticised the driver for his ‘idiotic’ behaviour 

An idiot has posted incriminating footage online of his friend overtaking over 50 vehicles on central reservation while getting egged on by his passengers.

The incident is thought to have happened last week and officers have identified the location as A322 Lightwater bypass travelling West towards the M3.

He shared the footage online of him driving what appears to be a Ford Raptor, under a pseudonym and the clip has since been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

A Ford Raptor driver made his way along the central reservation of a dual carriageway to avoid a long traffic jam on the A322 outside Woking, Surrey

The driver and his passengers shouted abuse at other motorists who complained about their shortcut 

When approaching the roundabout near the junction with the M3, the driver forced his way back onto the carriageway

Road safety experts have slammed the drivers’ driving as ‘idiotic’ and even more foolish to share the footage on social media – especially as the drivers face can be clearly viewed in his rear view mirror and his tattoos could also help with identification.

The 93-second clip shows the ‘idiotic’ driver overtaking approximately 50 vehicles on the carriageway before merging back into the outside lane with the end of the road in sight.

‘This is how we roll brother, this is how we do it’ the men chant.

‘F**king hell, have to got your sirens, we can’t f**k about John. Get up there b**ch c**t’ says the passenger to the driver.

‘Its getting a bit choppy up there, we’ve done a few haven’t we, will I keep going?’ asks the driver.

‘Keep going all the way mate, yeah f**king right, ooh there’s the Police there, see the back look.’ he is told.

The clip then continues further up the dual carriageway, it appears they may have been mistaken as they continue to drive on the verge.

Responding to comments from other motorists the passenger says: ‘It’s how we do it brother, its how we roll.

‘We are motorway maintenance mate a load of work up here mate p**s off.’

Surrey Police said without the exact time, date and location f the incident they would be unable to confirm whether it had been reported

As the clip comes to an end the driver praises himself for being ‘better than tarmacadam’, before deciding to merge back onto the road as he has less than a dozen cars to go before the roundabout.

Edmund King, AA president, said: ‘This is idiotic driving and frankly it is idiotic to share this episode on social media as the driver can clearly be identified in the rear-view mirror.

‘Hopefully he won’t be smiling when the strong arm of the law catches up with him.’

Surrey Police have been unable to confirm if the incident has been reported to them.

Motorists found guilty of dangerous driving can face up to two years imprisonment, an unlimited fine, plus an obligatory disqualification with 3-11 penalty points.

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