Mother of trans rapist's victim convinced he's 'faking' being a woman

‘It’s an easy way out’: Mother of one of transgender rapist Isla Bryson’s two victims is convinced he’s ‘faking’ being a woman to dodge going to men’s prison – and says her daughter ‘can’t believe it’s the same person’

  • The woman said her daughter thinks it’s ‘impossible’ Bryson is no longer a man
  • The criminal was convicted last week of raping two women before transitioning 
  • Nicola Sturgeon has accused gender reform critics of ‘homophobia and racism’

The mother of one of transgender rapist Isla Bryson’s two victims says she is convinced the criminal is faking being a woman to dodge going to a men’s prison.

The woman, whose daughter was the first victim of the sex attacker, says her daughter ‘can’t believe’ that person who raped her in September 2016 and the woman who turned up to court are ‘the same person’.

It is the first time a victim of the criminal – who was born Adam Graham – has spoken out since a row exploded last week after it was revealed the rapist was being placed in a women’s prison.

The move sparked fury in Scotland and forced Nicola Sturgeon into  screeching U-turn, with the 31-year-old trans woman being moved to a male prison 48 hours later.

The mother of one of Bryson’s victims says she thinks the rapist is faking begin transgender to have an easier time behind bars in a women’s prison

A mugshot of Isla Bryson released by Police Scotland after the criminal’s conviction last week


A relative of the first victim said they believe Bryson is simply trying to avoid being sent to a male prison and the claims of being transgender are an act.

Speaking to the Mirror, the mother of the victim called the criminal ‘very manipulative and everyone falls for it’.

Bryson, who still has a penis, began undergoing hormone therapy after her first appearance at court for two rapes.

She raped the first victim in her own bed at home after having moved into the home she shared with her mother.

In his defence at court Bryson said: ‘I was struggling with my sexuality and having issues, emotionally’. 

However, the victim’s mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, branded this a lie and said he was making ‘a mockery’ out of true transgender people by using it in his defence.

She told the Mirror: ‘He spoke plenty about his feelings and there was never any sign of a tendency to him being a female. It was the opposite. He always came across as a big tough guy.

‘You’ve got genuine cases where people are desperate to get reassignment for the right reasons because they’ve been born into that body… not because they’ve raped two people and decided that’s an easy way out.’

She added that when her daughter was told Bryson had been placed in a women’s prison she had said: ‘Mum, what about all the ladies in there?’

This opinion was backed by Bryson’s estranged wife Shonna Graham, who told MailOnline she thought the transition of her former partner was a ‘sham for attention’ and that the criminal was ‘bull******** the authorities’. 

Bryson’s move to a women’s prison was revealed hours after she was convicted of two counts of rape against two different women last week.

The move sparked fury at the thought of someone who was jailed for raping women being housed with them in prison, and prompted a humiliating U-turn from Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Bryson appeared at court in Glasgow last week dressed in tight leggings – she was later found guilty of raping two women with her penis

Only 48 hours after being remanded into custody, Bryson was moved to the male wing of the prison at Cornton Vale jail in Stirling.

Ms Sturgeon told First Minister’s Questions last week: ‘I don’t think it’s possible to have a rapist within a women’s prison’.

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Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross said today: ‘It should not have taken public disgust and a slew of negative headlines about a double rapist being sent to a women’s prison for Nicola Sturgeon to realise this was completely unacceptable and wrong.’

Meanwhile, Mr Ross accused Ms Sturgeon of ‘hiding behind’ the Scottish Prison Service when she suggested it was responsible for the decision.

At First Ministers’ Questions, he cited rules that grant ministers the power to direct ‘supervision levels’ criteria for prisoners, and this must be reviewed ‘within 72 hours of reception’.

Scottish Tory MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston said: ‘It is shameful that Nicola Sturgeon refuses to admit that her government – and her own SNP ministers – have allowed a double rapist to be held in a women’s prison.’

His colleague Tess White added: ‘A predatory double rapist being held in a women’s prison for any length of time is dangerous.

‘An SNP minister defended the decision one day – then Nicola Sturgeon backtracked the next. What would have happened if there hadn’t been a public backlash?’

Ms Sturgeon told the Scottish Parliament: ‘The risk assessment is under way. However, as in all cases, the Scottish Prison Service will not wait until an assessment is completed if they think action is required more quickly – and this prisoner is not going to be incarcerated in Cornton Vale women’s prison.

‘In terms of the interim situation, and how the situation I said there is going to be achieved, I’ve got to be mindful of allowing the Scottish Prison Service to do their operational job and to do that properly.’

There are reports that Tiffany Scott (pictured), previously known as Andrew Burns, has requested to move to a women’s prison 

Referring to the Bryson case, Ms Sturgeon confirmed: ‘This prisoner will not be incarcerated in Cornton Vale women’s prison – short term or long term’.

Late, the First Minister told journalists that no ‘formal direction’ had been given to the prison service by the Government on where Bryson should be imprisoned.

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However, she now faces fresh calls to stop the prison transfer of different transgender pervert who stalked a 13-year-old girl while a man.

Tiffany Scott, who followed the girl while known as Andrew Burns, has reportedly requested to be moved to a women’s prison. 

The Daily Record reported this request has been rubber-stamped after previously being refused. 

It is understood that no transfer is imminent in Scott’s case.

A Scottish Prison Service (SPS) spokesman said: ‘We do not comment on individuals.

‘Decisions by the SPS as to the most appropriate location to accommodate transgender people are made on an individualised basis, informed by a multi-disciplinary assessment of both risk and need.

‘Such decisions seek to protect both the wellbeing and rights of the individual as well as the welfare and rights of others around them, including staff, in order to achieve an outcome that balances risks and promotes the safety of all.

‘Where there are any concerns about any risks posed by an individual, either to themselves or others, we retain the ability to keep them separate from the mainstream population until an agreed management plan is in place.’

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: ‘The placement of prisoners is an operational matter for the Scottish Prison Service who use comprehensive individualised risk assessments to inform decisions, such as the appropriate location of transgender people in custody.

‘SPS is reviewing their policy on managing transgender prisoners in partnership with the Scottish Government and that process is nearing completion.’

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