Model gave up liver to save young child’s life – but body changed ‘dramatically’

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    A model who flew all the way back from Australia to donate her liver to her dying nephew has opened up on the big toll it took on her body.

    Sophie Hughes, a model who had been living in Australia for three years, received heartbreaking news that her baby nephew was gravely ill with a liver condition.

    Oscar was born in 2016 but no sooner had her brother Ant welcomed his son into the world than the baby was diagnosed with a rare and life threatening condition called biliary atresia.

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    The illness causes the bile ducts outside and inside the liver to become scarred and blocked.

    Doctors didn't want Ant and his wife Kerry to volunteer as they would need to look after Oscar.

    Once Sophie heard the news, she immediately offered herself as a donor, flying 17,000km back to the UK

    “I was a good match because I had a small, fatty liver,” Sophie, who lives in Wilmslow, told the Manchester Evening News.

    “So it worked out in his favour."

    The eight-hour operation to remove Sophie's liver and implant it in Oscar was a success and Sophie spent four months in the UK before flying back to Sydney.

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    But she soon noticed her body shape was changing rapidly and went from a size eight to a size 14 in a very short space of time.

    “It was a really big adjustment looking at myself in the mirror,” Sophie said.

    “I had a seven-inch scar down my stomach and my body image was at an all-time low.

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    “It was really rough because I had to relearn what I could wear and how to dress for my shape which I never had to do on a bigger body before.”

    Left with cripplingly low self esteem relating to her body image, Sophie stopped modelling.

    But two years later, when she was 27, she was scouted by a plus-size modelling agency on Instagram.

    She now works once again as a model and content creator and proudly flaunts her curves and scar on her Instagram page.

    “Other body positive influencers on Instagram really inspired me,” she added.

    “It made me realise there’s so much more to me than just the way I look and the body I’m in."


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