Mind-bending optical illusion appears to show horses walking on WATER – can you work out what's really happening? | The Sun

TWO wild horses look as though they can walk on water in this mind-bending video.

They were filmed splashing their hooves on the surface while appearing to glide down a river on an invisible raft.

The footage appears to defy nature – but it's an illusion to do with perspective.

Kelli Rogers, 58, filmed it with her phone while paddle boarding last month on the Salt River in Arizona's Tonto National Forest.

Her excited granddaughter can be heard calling out "It's the horseys" when she spots two members of a 400-strong herd in the water.

Then Kelli is heard saying to the young horses: "Hey buddies! You don't get scared? Where's the mom?"

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She was delighted by the encounter – but it was only when she watched the video later that she noticed the bizarre floating effect.

The illusion occurs because the horses were standing in a shallow part of the river as the family drifted past in a deeper channel.

The trees in the background are further away than the horses so appear to move at a different rate.

And our eyes are tricked into believing the camera is stationary – rather than moving in the stream with Kelli's paddle board.

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So it appears as if the horses are floating in the opposite direction when in fact they are standing still or walking slowly.

Kelli said: "It was crazy. It wasn't until I got home and looked at the video that I was like 'oh, they look like they're floating'.

"For those few seconds it gave the illusion that they were the ones floating or paddle boarding, not us.

"I was on the river with my daughter and her little family. I had my granddaughter on the paddle board with me.

"On this part of the river, there is a herd of about 400 wild horses that roam freely.

"You often see horses in the water running across the river. It's just beautiful when you have the opportunity to see that.

"It was one of those moments where they were stood completely still in a few inches of water.

"As we passed by, they didn't move. They just don't stand still like that often."

The video has been watched more than 8.3million times on TikTok and attracted more than 1.1million comments and likes.

One viewer said: "Why did I think these horses were on a raft floating down the river so majestically?"

Another said: "It took me like six times watching to realise that you are floating downstream and they aren't moving."

Titanic struggle

Another TikToker said: "I thought my eyes were deceiving me…until I realised you are the one going downstream..

"What a capture… just beautiful."

Kelli said: "The comments are so funny.

"A lot of people were referencing the movie Titanic and saying Jack and Rose should have been able to fit on the door if the horses could fit on whatever they looked like they were standing on.

"I have loads of videos of the horses on the river and they're usually just in the water drinking, eating the brush or playing.

"It's a really great thing for people to enjoy the horses out there."

It comes after a famous illusion tests whether viewers see a horse walking backwards or forwards.

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