Mike Lindell pushes to reinstate Trump as president on a specific date as MyPillow CEO says 'get these communists out'

MYPILLOW CEO Mike Lindell continues to peddle a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump will be "reinstated" as president this summer, even sharing the specific date of when he believes it will happen.

“The morning of August 13, it will be the talk of the world, going, ‘Hurry up! Let’s get this election pulled down',” he said during an appearance on the Worldview Weekend Broadcast Network.

"Let’s right the right. Let’s get these communists out, you know that have taken over," he added.

In rambling remarks, Lindell also claimed: "there will be many down-ticket senators that will have different election results."

“You’ll see when I say that, and they’ll say what’s going to happen to all the people that were involved. I don’t know, right now the biggest concern is getting this election pulled on,” Lindell added.

“Donald Trump won. It’s pretty simple, ok?”

The conspiracy that Trump will be reinstated this summer, which was first peddled by members of QAnon, has become increasingly less fringe in recent weeks.

The theory first made headlines when former Trump attorney Sidney Powell made the claim while speaking at a QAnon rally.

Lindell has also helped to make the theory popular, despite numerous legal experts rebuffing that such a thing isn't even possible.

A New York Times report said that even Trump had bought into the theory, allegedly telling aides that he would be returning to the White House later this year.

Lindell, like Trump himself, has repeatedly claimed that the election was rife with fraud and rigged to the benefit of now-President Joe Biden.

The baseless claims have been thoroughly litigated and debunked.

However, Lindell continues to travel around the country, speaking at rallies with thousands of attendees who believe the accusations.

Speaking on Steve Bannon's podcast War Room on Saturday, Lindell said he had "manifested" into an American patriot.

"Everyone's been coming up to me and going, 'You're our hope,' and all these things," the staunch Trump ally said.

"And I'm saying, 'You know, God blessed me with a big platform for such a time as this,' and that's the way I look at it."

He is set to host a "cyber symposium" next month, in which he says he will share "proof" the election was rigged.

The three-day event, which Lindell claims will "change the world", will be held on August 10, 11, and 12 – ending the day before he claims Trump will be reinstated.

"This is going to change the world. It's gonna change it, you know, it's gonna show everything and that this election was taken," Lindell said.

"And where we're at, we're in this battle with communism and the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] and big government and everything." 

He also complained that legal experts and the media for "already attacking" the event and his alleged evidence.

The businessman went on to say that he would show "at least three ways" Trump will "absolutely be put back in" as president.

Late last month, Lindell suggested that "divine appointments" were responsible for him meeting Trump back in 2016.

"Divine things started happening to me. I was picked out of 12 people to pray with [former 2016 Republican presidential candidate and Trump's former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development] Ben Carson in a room at the National Prayer Breakfast," he said at a conference.

Lindell also said that "one prophet guy" told him: "A couple of you in this room are going to become great friends and change — and help change the course of history."

He added: "Anyway, these divine appointments kept happening all the way up to where I met Donald Trump in the summer of 2016."

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