Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel kill new police chief by blowing off his head

The new deputy director of a Mexican city's police force was assassinated just hours after his appointment had been made public.

Juan Miguel Silva Alvarado had landed the role with Culiacan Municipal Police and was carrying out a series of preventative patrols focused on bars on Saturday night (August 6) when he was gunned down at around 10.10pm, according to Mexican news sources.

Mr Alvarado was travelling in a convoy of three patrol cars within the Tres Rios Urban Development neighbourhood when they were stopped by a group of Sinaloa Cartel hitmen in front of an office building.

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The Sinaloa Cartel is notorious for being one of the strongest criminal organisations in the world and the most powerful in Mexico, with hitmen telling cops within the convoy, including Mr Alvarado’s bodyguards, to hand over their firearms.

Then, according to media outlet Link Sinaloa, "the police commander (Mr Alvarado) got out of the patrol car and tried to hide in building 120, but he was shot".

According to newspaper La Silla Rota, the disarming of the officers had begun before Deputy Alvarado was shot.

A picture that it is claimed is from the crime scene has also been released, depicting a graphic headless image of human remains.

Military personnel and police were unable to find the attackers during sweeps of the surrounding area.

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The firearms that were taken from the officers were discovered under a bridge a couple of hours later by a member of the public.

A rifle was also recovered on Sunday night (August 7) from nearby bushes with Mexican sources stating: "It is presumed that it is one of the weapons that were used during the aggression against the police chief or one of the rifles used by the police officers who were escorting him."

His death is now being linked to two possible Sinaloa Cartel groups – Los Chapitos or El Mayo.

Mr Alvarado was appointed to his new position by Director Pedro Cesar Rojas, who had, himself, only been in charge of the Culiacan Police for less than a week.


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