Met Office records lowest temperature since 1995 as Brits freeze in -23C

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Storm Darcy plunged Britain into blizzard-like conditions at the beginning of February and now the lowest temperature since 1995 has been recorded, a Met Office spokesman said.

Bitter lows of -23c were recorded on the morning of Thursday February 11 in the Scottish Highlands.

The icy temperature is the lowest the mercury has fallen since 1995 when the Met Office recorded -23.2C on December 30, 1995.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Met Office said the temperature was recorded in the Cairngorms, a mountainous range in Scotland.

Forecasters said the sharp temperature will not be felt in "urban areas" but said on its website the country will still be "very cold".

A spokesman said: "The temperature is down to -23C.

"Previously the lowest recorded was -23.2C on December 30,1995.

"The lowest on record was -27.2C, on January 10 1982, also in Braemar.

"It is in the Cairngorms which is mountainous so elevation contributes, it is not a temperature you would see in urban areas."

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