Meghan Markle's pal Gayle King claims she's been 'vilified' as CBS co-host slams 'oppressive' Royal Family

GAYLE King has claimed Meghan Markle has been "vilified" as her CBS This Morning co-host slammed the "oppressive" royal family.

Gayle, 66, defended the duchess as she and her fellow presenters discussed a new teaser clip for the couple's highly anticipated Oprah interview.

It came as the TV network featured a report branding Britain racist and "socially conservative" – as well as a society that likes women in the Royal Family who are “seen and not heard”.

Gayle, who is a close friend of Meghan, also tore into the royals for their response to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and spoke about Prince Andrew: “I do think that’s a very interesting observation.

“There’s sort of been crickets when it comes to Prince Andrew and they’re talking about alleged misbehaviour – ‘Mean Girl’ behaviour – from Meghan, that was first raised in 2018 and there wasn’t an investigation.

“Now, right before the interview, there’s an investigation.”

She later claimed that Meghan had been “vilified” and hinted that there were questions in the Oprah interview that the royals did not answer.

King, who is also friends with Oprah, added: “Vilified is the word for what has happened to Harry and Meghan. Meghan in particular.

“When I heard Oprah say it’s the best interview she’d ever done and I asked her what do you mean by that she said: ‘It wasn’t just me, it was to have people at that level who are going through it, so to speak’.

I can’t imagine living under that oppressive sort of royal family restriction. I can’t imagine it.

“They answered every question – 99.999. And any questions that they didn’t answer they explained why they didn’t answer, so you got a sense of that.

“There wasn’t any Jiu Jitsu, bobbing and weaving and trying to decide.”

King – who went to Meghan’s baby shower – also defended the couple for speaking out while Prince Philip was in hospital.

She said “It should be pointed out that they did this interview two, three weeks ago before Prince Philip was in the hospital, so all of this happened before then.

“I think that’s important, while they’re being blamed for appearing to be insensitive.”

Co-host Anthony Mason: “Buckingham Palace is clearly concerned about it and it’s been trying to disrupt it even before it airs.”

He added: “I can’t imagine living under that oppressive sort of royal family restriction. I can’t imagine it.”

Vilified is the word for what has happened to Harry and Meghan. Meghan in particular.

In its report on the outrage over the Oprah interview, King claimed that the Royal Family “has relied on the media for generations to shore up support”.

In the new trailer for her interview with the chat show queen, Meghan claimed the Palace blocked her from doing an interview with Oprah before her 2018 wedding.

"I'm ready to talk," she declared in the new teaser.

Meghan claims she wasn’t even allowed to speak to Oprah in 2018 without someone listening in.

The 39-year-old mother said she was forced to turn down the interview, saying: “That wasn’t my choice to make.”

She also told Oprah that it was tough to go from having a "really independent life" to one that was within the "construct" of the Royal Family.

Meghan said that she and Prince Harry now have the "ability to make our own choices" in a way that they couldn't three years ago.

CBS billed the public spat as an “all-out war” between Harry, Meghan and the palace – with tabloid culture and British racism being blamed.

Its correspondent Holly Williams, in London, said: “The British tabloids seem to have their knives out for Meghan again this morning.

“It’s looking more and more like an all-out war between Harry and Meghan on one side and the palace on the other.”

The report featured an interview with British comedian Gina Yashere, who was said to claim that criticism of Meghan was “another example of British racism”.

Yashere, who lives in LA, said: “She (Meghan) wouldn’t be doing this interview with Oprah, they wouldn’t be in California if not for the way that they were harassed and harangued while they were performing their royal duties.”

Scottish journalist Ayesha Hazarika was said to claim that “outspoken” Meghan “horrified the British establishment”.

She told CBS: “British culture is still incredibly socially conservative. And the British tabloids and British polite society, they like to see women in the royal family kind of seen but not heard.”

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