Meghan Markle ‘feels validated’ by Brits and ‘willing to embrace’ UK return

Meghan Markle may be more willing to consider a return to the UK in future after receiving a positive reception from the British public, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex was in the UK with her husband Prince Harry when news of the Queen’s passing broke, and the pair have decided not to travel back home to Los Angeles in order to attend the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

This has allowed the former royals to take part in a surprise walkabout with Prince William and Kate Middleton, where Meghan met mourners who handed her flowers.

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The trip is only the second time that Meghan has publicly visited the UK with Harry since their royal departure, but, after partially revisiting her previous royal life, royal commentator Neil Sean has suggested the former actress may be more open to a return in future.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Neil began by referring to the surprise walkabout, noting:: “Meghan was ready and willing to meet the public.

“According to a very good source, Meghan was terrified about how the public might perceive her, particularly over here in the United Kingdom.

“But all those fears were pushed away very quickly because apparently according to a very good source, Meghan now feels validated because the British people do like her.”

The walkabout appeared to resemble a surprise thawing of the supposedly icy relationship between the Sussexes and Wales’, with William allegedly texting Harry to attend at the last minute.

And, Neil suggested that being welcomed to view tributes to the Queen has likely improved the Duchess’ attitude towards her old life after a tumultuous period.

"You can understand how this could be the case, because there she is in a very delicate situation – the sad demise of our wonderful monarch Queen Elizabeth II – and there's the crowd seemingly happy to see her, some people were,” he continued.

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“For her now, what she really feels, according to that good source, is that they are ready and willing to embrace their return at some point back to the UK… She’s liked, and what happened on Saturday proved that to be the case.”

But, despite wishing the couple well in their ventures “abroad” during a speech, the royal commentator acknowledged that it remains to be seen how Harry and Meghan fit into the new monarch King Charles III’s plans.

He added: “Moving forward though, it’s not just the British public that have to forgive her, it’s senior members of the monarchy.”


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