Mark Redwine murder trial: Dylan suffered skull fracture at time of death, expert testifies – The Denver Post

Dylan Redwine suffered a skull fracture above his left eye and was cut with a sharp tool around the time he died, a forensic anthropologist testified Thursday during the murder trial for Mark Redwine, who is accused of killing his 13-year-old son in November 2012.

Forensic anthropologist Diane France discovered two marks on Dylan’s skull that were likely caused by a knife or sharp tool around the time of death, she testified, going over photos of the damage in painstaking detail with the jury.

Redwine, 59, is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse in Dylan’s death. Prosecutors have argued he killed his son in a fit of rage during a confrontation about photos that show Redwine eating feces, and have said Redwine hid the boy’s body in a rugged area on Middle Mountain not far from his Vallecito home.

Redwine’s defense attorneys have suggested the boy left home and was fatally attacked by a wild animal.

The boy’s bones and the partial skull — which were recovered in 2013, 2014 and 2015 — had obviously been scavenged by wild animals, France testified. The animal activity left clear tooth marks, punctures and grooves on all of the bones France examined.

But one roughly 1.6-inch-long fracture above Dylan’s left eye was likely not caused by animals, she testified, and instead happened around the time he died.

“You could have something blunt hitting the cranium, or the cranium hitting something blunt,” she testified when asked how such a fracture would happen.

Additionally, two small, straight lines on the cranium — the partial skull that was recovered — were made by a sharp tool, not by animal teeth, she testified. Knife or tool marks leave a V-shaped indentation in bone, France said, while animal teeth create a U-shaped mark. The two straight marks on Dylan’s cranium left V-shaped indentations, France said.

She testified she knows of nothing in nature that would create such marks, which she said happened around the time Dylan died.

She is expected to continue testifying Thursday afternoon.

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